Poplar Precinct to Serve Good Purpose

Brownstoner reports that the old 84th Precinct building at 72 Poplar Street will soon be home to the League Treatment Center. The program which helps "students who have been rejected by the public school system because their emotional problems are so severe and who cannot afford private schooling" is now located at 30 Washington Street in DUMBO. LTC will be losing its lease in "a couple of years" the site reports. 

Brownstoner claims this move is to the "chagrin of many Brooklyn Heights residents" now that the possibility of the building being turned into coops/condos is gone. B'stoner claims that nabe residents have lobbied CB2 to allow residential housing at the Precinct to avoid an organization like LTC from moving in.

The Brooklyn Eagle hinted that LTC was one of the potential tenants for the building in an article last year.

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  • Beavis

    What? No “luxury condos”? The nabe needs more of those.

  • resident

    I work near the LTC in DUMBO and I support its mission. However, they bring the problem of a long line of noisy school busses lined up and idling for several hours twice a day right outside their door.

  • SEO

    This “news” has not been totally confirmed yet. Please don’t post something as such without proper research. Also, try to be objective. “Good Purpose” is relative since having buses, teens, and emotionally disturbed children on the street will most likely drop property values greatly.

    Everything is relative.

  • ABC

    I really really wish the city hadn’t sold that building in the first place — and would have instead put a PS8 extension or a new middle school in there (with teens and 2x daily buses).

    But I have no issue with these proposed tenants. I know a couple of kids with autism that attend LTC, and I wouldn’t call them “emotionally disturbed”. Residents of newly converted zillion dollar condos on the other hand … sometimes. Everything is indeed relative.

  • Swiper

    SEO everything is relative, like your condescending attitude.

  • Jonas Von Groucheau

    I believe Mr. Fink attributes the claims in this post to Brownstoner and the Brooklyn Eagle. Perhaps as another commenter suggests here, you should GO TO RUSSIA.

  • SEO

    Please pardon the word “disturbed”.

    I took this from their own site; “The League Treatment Center in Brooklyn serves students that no one else can—students who have been rejected by the public school system because their emotional problems are so severe and who cannot afford private schooling.”

    I could not agree with you more, re: zillion dollar condo residents (of which i am not one), but to have your home (regardless of price), lose value is a tough pill to swallow.

  • http://michaelsd.tripod.com/Resources/bum2.jpg MadeInBrooklyn

    SEO: i thought the “good purpose” was helping those kids?

  • since47

    So many rumors – let’s just see what happens down the road. And to ‘resident,’ the way you’ve spelled it, ‘busses’ mean kisses and how bad could that be?

  • Jonas Von Groucheau

    Best comment ever 47.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Sorry, but after since47’s comment, I can’t resist this (for which I was severely chastised by my 12th grade English teacher for writing on the blackboard as “poem of the day”:

    A delectable gal named Augusta
    vowed that nobody ever had bussed her.
    An expert from France
    took a bilingual chance,
    and the mixture of tongues quite nonplussed her.

    On topic: What League Treatment Center provides is a vital service that must be provided somewhere. I’m glad to see that the building will be put to good use. As a Montague Street resident, I won’t be directly affected by the bus traffic, but hope that a “no idling” rule can be enforced as it is for tour buses that stop across the street from us to allow passengers to enjoy the view from the Promenade.

  • sillywilly

    this is not cool. i live on that street. and a bus full of tourists is NOT the same as “kids with emotional problems are so severe they cant go to public school!”

  • James

    Just asking, but is there any danger to the neighborhood because of the emotional problems these students have? There must be some reason NO other public school will take them. Poplar St is such a wee tiny block to absorb all of the school buses so that won’t be pleasant. Will the neighborhood even be consulted about this?

    I’ll bet everyone who applauds the use of this building for this purpose lives no where near Poplar Street. Oh well, I guess the Real Estate values in DUMBO must be protected at all costs!

  • Beavis

    NIMBY Alert! NIMBY Alert!

  • James

    And you Beavis – where dost thou live?

  • SEO

    Thank you James.

  • Sam

    I live on this block. I’m not saying it’s not a good thing for the kids, but having 2 schools so close to each other on one block is not a smart idea. And the idea of teens with emotional problems is not a heart warming thought, to imagine hanging out on the block after school, or late at night.

  • mom03

    It is so sad to read that so many people feel like children and adults that are students in this school will bring down their property value and destroy their neighborhood. As it is so many you are misinformed about exactly what students attend this school.
    This school is a school for pre-school age children, kindergarden children and adults with emotional problems, i.e. some form of retardation. What has this world come to when property value is more important than helping children.
    Before you make comments on the type of children attend this school do your research, ask questions because you are jumping to conclusions and assuming that teenagers attend this school and that is not the case.

  • Beavis

    Just came back to this thread after 10 months. James and SEO, I live by the corner of Poplar and Willow–one block away. Kinda destroys your insinuation of hypocrisy, doesn’t it?