Is it Over Yet? 2008 in Review: October – December

The final three months of 2008 was a roller coaster ride to say the least – from the November election’s winds of change to the ominous storms brought on by epic financial failures.   And while what will happen in 2009 is a mystery, we’re just glad the year is finally over.  Here are the “highlights” from the final three months of 2008:

B’Paper: Jail Closer to Re-opening?
Intrepid From the Promenade
The Humble Heights Abode of Ex-WaMu Chief
Cranberry Street Fest – Fun!
Fire on BQE
BHA on Tree Killin’ Waterfalls: Never Again!
Action at Busy Chef
LICH Management “Stonewalling” Feds
BHA to Diesel Circus: You Kids Get Off My Lawn!
Alec and Salma Shoot in Brooklyn Heights
Rock n Roll Circus Ain’t Noise Pollution
Rock n Roll Circus Fracas About the Noise or About the Money?
BHB Presents: The Great Debate – Squadron vs. Chromczak
Eagle Picks Odd Bird to Crow About Noise
Marty: AG “All Over” Continuum on LICH
Sahmi, Other Merchants Get Free Pumpkins
Axe Falls for 100 at LICH; More Layoffs May Follow
Yassky Proposes Term Limit Referendum
Bossert Sale Falls Through
Brooklyn Heights Betrayal
Kids Love Marty!
Meat Cart on Henry Street
The Great Debate: Squadron vs. Chromczak TONIGHT!
88 Remsen Breaks Price Record
The Great Debate Replay
BHA Urges Members to Help Save LICH
Hidden Heights History Halloween
Hooters? Not Likely

“KICK” Founder, Brooklyn Heights Preservationist Malcolm Chesney Dies
Giamatti will be Joined by Ron Perlman in Bubba Sequel
BHB Readers Endorse Squadron for State Senate, Obama for President
Womp Womp: Recession “Killed” One BBP
Busted Chef Case Still Going
Snacks and Paper Ballots at P.S. 8
Kid Wins in Cakewalk
Fighting for Workers’ Rights at Montague Street Key Food
Magic Garden’s Brooklyn Heights Connection
BP Marty Hears from Community: “Save LICH!”
T.K. Small Discusses Voting Access on NY1
Love Lane Mews… Eventually
Scandal! Boobies, Butts on Court Street
Report: Riverside Garage Given LPC A-OK
Riverside Tenants: Garage Flap is Not Over
Welcome Back, Gristedes
The New, Improved Gristedes Opens
Danish Seamen’s Chuch Fair – Hot Dogs, Glogg… Sjovt!
Nabe’s Reaction to Re-Opened Gristedes
Heights History: The Bad Old Days at 55 Pierrepont
Brooklyn Heights Little House That Could Sells
Heights and Hill Serves Feast for Seniors

Heights History: Wild in the Streets
Public Service or Propaganda?
New York Times Reports on Key Food Fight
Rain Doesn’t Dampen Spirits as Heights Tree is Lighted
LICH Interns, Residents Unionize; Vow to Save Hospital
Racesky for Yassky’s Seatsky is Onsky
Kid to Riverside Tenants: No Garage Related Rent Hike
Muppets Christmas Show, Shot in Brooklyn Heights, Airs Tonight
CB2 to Walentas: Dock Dead
135 Joralemon Sales Price Revealed
Yassky – Pesky Vendors Must Gosky
New Life at Wine Bar
50 Henry Will Continue as Wine Bar from Owners of Henry’s End and Cranberry’s

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  • Ignacio

    The biggest story here is not Squadron it’s the BHA’s whining about the noise created by Rock and Roll Circus. If it’s too loud, you’re too old.

  • AEB

    No, Ignacio, if it’s too loud it’s too loud.

    Please keep in mind that, American marketing to the contrary, it’s not about always making the world a safer and safer place for the tastes of the young.

  • stan

    Thats one for the too old column.