Yassky – Pesky Vendors Must Gosky

Our man in the City Council, David Yassky is calling for the bannation of vendors from Court Street, saying they are illegal and are unfair competition to local businesses:

NY Daily News: Vendors are…: City Councilman David Yassky (D-Brooklyn Heights) has proposed a ban on vending along Court St., and wants cops to confiscate merchandise sold by illegal vendors along the downtown thoroughfare.

“It’s just gotten to be too much,” Yassky said. “On every block there are three tables of vendors blocking the street.”

Yassky said the vendors create a “chaotic atmosphere” that is unattractive to firms considering office space on the street.

“We’re trying to market the Court St. office buildings to law firms and banks,” he said. “The street vendors … definitely create a bad impression.”

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  • Matt

    Hear, hear! Couldn’t agree with Yassky more on this one. These vendors are an illegal eyesore on Court Street.

  • my2cents

    Homer, shouldn’t it read Pessky? LOL

  • Homer Fink

    … now that would be just too muchsky.

  • anon

    Hasn’t Yassky resigned in disgracesky for his change in votesy on term limitsy? He’s the new John Kerry: he was against it until he voted for it. Dump Yassky nowsky.

  • revroth

    Kind of funny to hear Yassky complaining about people creating a “chaotic atmosphere”… when he was first running for his office, he snuck into my apartment building to knock on doors and promote his campaign, until someone threatened to have him thrown out by building security.