Report: Riverside Garage Given LPC A-OK

Brownstoner photo

Brownstoner photo

The controversial underground parking garage at the Riverside Apartments was given the green light from the Landmark Preservation Commission today according to Brownstoner.   The Pinnacle Group’s original proposal was shot down earlier this year.   The new proposal decreases the number of parking spaces to under 100 and does not include the original’s plan to place one story of parking above ground leaving current landscaping intact.

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  • my2cents

    Somehow I doubt those mature trees will stay “intact.”

  • natalie

    Oh thank goodness. We desperately need the parking in the area. Many of the tenants in this building are professional rent cheats. They have not payed their rents in years. can you imagine that? years? They take advantage of the rent protection laws and act like victims etc etc. They are sad. But if a new garage is built there, in the back yard of these buildings, I will use it. I am happy. Sorry, I need my car. It is not like smoking or drinking, it is not a vice, it is a necessity for me. We are not all so lucky as to work in Manhattan. I think what the neighborhood needs is more public parking and less rent-control tenant griping. Fair?

  • anon

    They’ll have to make Joralomon a two-way street down there, otherwise people will make that left turn off Furman illegally en masse and someone’s going to get killed. That corner is already a mess with the trash, MTA equipment and the rats that brazenly attack the trash in front of that building. This is going to make that stretch a mess for years.

  • Alex

    What about the many tenants in the building who aren’t “professional rent cheats”?

  • anon

    I wonder what percentage of the tenants pay their rents?

  • my2cents

    anon, that’ll be even better when they route the BQE traffic down furman while rebuilding the cantilevers. :-)

  • Ari

    I am a rent paying tenant of the building.

    And, I make that illegal turn up Joralemon all the time :)

    The tenant’s group is screaming mayday about this.

    There’s a meeting at Willow Town tonight at 7pm. Squadron will be there

  • Homer Fink

    ari can you send us info on meeting etc – webmaster at brooklynheightsblog dot com

  • gen

    I pay 1366 for a 1 bedroom in that building, not sure where the info came from that most tenants are rent cheats. I wish I lived in a world where I could cheat on rent.

  • Alex

    I too am a rent-paying tenant.

  • nazimova

    Are these the old “vaseline flats” at the bottom of Joralemon St.??.So named because (well i won’t go there) . If so, unless they have been renovated to the core there is probably good reason not to pay rent.. They had character (and characters!!) but basically were vermin and roach infested dumps with a landlord who could care less the rent was cheap even for those days..They call them Riverside now?