4BR at 1 Pierrepont Street: Nice Spread if You Can Get It

Brownstoner writes today about a 4 BR apt at 1 Pierrepont Street, complete with maid’s quarters, that’s on the market for $6.2 million.  Yes, that’s more than what the entire “Moonstruck House” sold for:

Brownstoner: Coop of the Day: Yowza! It’s a tough time to hit the market with a $6,250,000 price tag, to be sure, but this is about as blue-chip as they come. The four-bedroom apartment has beaucoup prewar details, views of lower Manhattan and one of the best addresses in Brooklyn; it also has a monthly maintenance of $5,072. One thing we can’t figure out: Why another four-bedroom in the same building was listed for $3,450,000 last spring (and ended up selling for $3,400,000). Anyone know what explains the huge difference in price?

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  • T.K. Small

    A friend of mine grew up in that building. There is also a common roof area which is spectacular. I only saw the apartment once, but it seemed huge.

  • http://www.LocalApple.com RadioHead

    No way do I buy this place when in the same building a 4 BR went for almost half the price listed now!

  • natalie

    Oh grow up. Six million dollars? Really? What a scam!
    What makes me think that this is not going to close before New Year’s?

  • Heights Blog Master

    Does anyone want to buy my place, only 10 mil?
    Hell, 9.5 for the first one to call.

  • In the Heights

    I heard this is a non-smoking building. Anyone know if that is true?