Open Thread Wednesday 11/19/08

Flickr photo by NYC Comets

Flickr photo by NYC Comets

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  • Jen

    I live on Hicks and Clark. What’s up with the metallic banging noise that’s been going on ALL night?

  • http://BrooklynHeightsBlog Bonnie Burke

    Mohammed Defense Group
    Anyone who wants to be on an email group list so we can keep informed and be ready for action, send me your email address.

    Coming soon on this blog — a follow up article about Key Food Labor dispute. bonburke

  • Response to Jen

    Jen, I see that the 3AM banging is bothering you as well. That noise is coming from the Love Lane Mews construction. The men have opened the building up to the elements and basically created a round the clock wind tunnel.

    With conditions like last night, the loose metal poles and plastic covering flap and bang. This doesn’t bother me half as much as the CONSTANT yelping of the abandoned dogs in the Mansion House.

  • FH

    Yes, what is going on with Mohammed? I have not seen him for weeks?

  • henry & state

    Passed Gristedes this morning and while it still doesn’t look finished they were unloading trucks of merchandise for Friday’s opening. They had banners in the windows. Fruit guy isn’t at unless he switched over to be coffee man.

  • Cranky

    Anyone know why all the police cars yesterday morning on Monroe Place? Police cars and ambulance and uniforms entering the building…wonder what was up.

  • Heights

    I live in the Mansion House. I have never heard any yelping of abandoned dogs. What are you talking about?

  • HDEB

    Gristedes is re-opening this Friday?

  • Jazz
  • FeiFei

    Can anyone recommend an insurance broker for home owner’s insurance? (Already tried MetLife and Geico/Liberty Mutual) Thank you

  • meow

    I had a great expereince with home owners insurance through:
    Jason Bernstein, VP
    Royal Brokerage / MrRates

    258 East Main Street
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    fax- 669-1947

  • Monty

    Surprised that I haven’t seen a post about it but the Christmas Festival at the Danish Seaman’s Church on Willow St (btwn Pierrepont/Clark) is this Friday and Saturday. The link on their web site appears to be nonfunctional, but there is a banner in front of the church.

  • Alex

    Anyone going to the Willowtown potluck tonight?

  • weegee

    Cranky –

    There was some incident with an emotionally disturbed person who had to be hospitalized, I believe. The person may have left LICH and returned home before he was supposed to last night, and so they had to go back.

  • Brooklynite

    Homeowners (Travelers)

  • Cranky

    oh, Thanks for the info weegee. I got nervous because last time I saw that many police cars on Monroe was last year and it was because of a suicide. Glad to hear it didn’t get that far this time.

  • Ted Chen

    Hi everyone,

    I’m a journalism student from Columbia University, and am writing about traffic/safety at Tillary and Adams St. Not exactly in the Heights area, but was wondering if any drivers from the Heights would like talk about that intersection? Your help will be very much appreciated. Shoot me an e-mail ( or my no. is 734-272-8426


  • Mansion Dogs

    I too hear the dogs howling at this very moment. It comes from the lower floors of the Mansion House facing Pierpoint. Probably missing the owner who is at work.

    My windows are down from the cold, I can still hear the dog(s) howling. This has been going on since 5:15pm. It is now 6:03.

  • peppermint

    Where is the mansion house and what is this about abandoned dogs? If anyone knows where it is I would like to rescue the dogs, not be annoyed at their yelps for help. What is this all about? Anyone have more information?

  • bornhere

    Mansion House is 145 Hicks Street; I don’t live close enough to it to know what the evidently arguable report is about, but I find it hard to believe that there are “abandoned dogs” in the building.

  • T.K. Small

    This is a completely random thought: I hate ginkgo trees!

  • Claude Scales

    T.K.: I love the smell of barfberries in the morning!

  • Heights

    There are no abandoned dogs at the Mansion House. Response To Jen doesn’t know what he or she is talking about. Jealousy maybe?

  • Heights

    Mansion Dogs – The Mansion House does not face Pierrepont St. It is on Hick Street in the middle of the block. There are apartments facing Pierrepont.

  • Heights

    Correction: There are NO apartments facing Pierrepont St.