Rock n Roll Circus Ain’t Noise Pollution

The Finks have just returned from what was a surprisingly well organized and enjoyable evening at Saturday night’s Diesel Rock n Roll Circus on Pier 3.  Joining 17 host cities including Tokyo, Milan, London and Paris, Brooklyn Heights  hosted the finale of the jean company’s world wide day of concerts celebrating its 30th anniversary.

The crowd and its artists reflected a sophisticated, multiculti talented group befitting of its Brooklyn Heights location.  In addition to some of the brightest musical talents of our times ranging from Scotland’s Franz Ferdinand to Britain/Sri Lanka’s  M.I.A. (who despite no official announcement is very pregnant) – those in attendance were also entertained by acrobats, contortionists and fire eaters while filling up on free circus food and adult beverages.

Even the tent itself made a creative and enthralling statement with different projections changing its outside appearance minute to minute. We only hope this is just the beginning of Brooklyn Heights being seen as a location for more cultural events such as tonight’s show.

Other notable highlights – Mrs. Fink spotted her two favorite TV stars: Gossip Girl’s Chance Crawford and Without a Trace‘s Enrique Murciano.  Homer was jazzed to see Brooklyn Beep Marty “Faux Petit Fleur” Markowitz present a Proclamation to Diesel’s founders welcoming them to Brooklyn Heights.

And finally, kudos to the FDNY and NYPD for their outstanding effort in insuring that the event stayed safe and fun.  Once again they’ve proved they are not only New York’s Finest and Bravest but the World’s as well.

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  • Qfwfq

    Bah, it sounded like it was the definition of “noise pollution”. I hope these ostensibly open-air shows don’t become a regular thing for the piers over there.

  • Homer Fink

    Bottom line – anyone who thought it was too loud last night should be 110% against Brooklyn Bridge Park in any way shape or form. Concerts and events like this are part of every park in the city and its foolish to think BBP will be an exception.

  • Qfwfq

    As long as this doesn’t become a regular venue where such concerts (complete with thundering bass until 2 am) are held on a weekly or daily basis. Events like that do not take place regularly in every park in the city or else every neighborhood surrounding every park would be up in arms about the noise.

  • Anonymous

    I took a stroll down the Promenade after midnight and hung out till 2am. Truth be told, the volume of the music was not as bad as I thought it was gonna be after hearing the previous day’s sound checks rattle through my apartment on Willow Street.

    I’d love if that Pier 3 became a venue for music like McCarren Pool during the summer in Greenpoint. Perhaps not with a 2am curfew like last night’s event, but with a more reasonable hour like 10pm like McCarren has.

  • Homer Fink

    I think we can all agree that 2AM is at least 3 hours too late for a curfew.

  • Just a Neighbor

    Did anyone else hear people running around the streets (I live in the fruits) screaming and trying to sing/rap until about 3-something this morning after the concert? I had just managed to fall asleep and these morons woke me back up. I think I was more annoyed about that then the concert.

  • young heighter

    To quote a great cinematic masterpiece of my generation, “Airheads,” “If it’s too loud, you’re too old.”

  • rockin’ soul

    I agree that the curfew should be more like 10-11, which it is at Rockefeller Park, the site of many great concerts that I’ve attended. That venue is MUCH closer to the surrounding apartments. I was surprised how quiet it was at the Promenade as well as my 23 floor apt. on Clark St. I just hope that the next one has acts I’m into, although Franz ain’t too bad.

  • Nelson

    No, it was not quiet near the Promenade, where I’m paying major bucks to live! My windows were rattling, as was I with the base wofer sneding sound shock waves through my apt……it was a bit like standing next to a “pimp-mobile” …..and continuing to 2am……does this mean the beauty of the Hts is finished?

  • Claude Scales

    Mrs. Fink: F.Y.I..

    Nelson: It ain’t finished, by a long shot. Hang in there.

  • heightsdiho

    Windows open on Willow Street – didn’t hear a thing…

  • GHB

    Nelson, if your windows were rattling, maybe you need new windows. Just remember you need BHA’s and Landmark’s approval! I thought the soundchecks the night before were actually more annoying than the event. I just closed my windows, turned my A/C to the fan setting, and slept like a baby.

  • H. Fink, Jr.

    “Seems lameass to me… “

  • Peter

    Homer, I don’t think it’s fair to compare this event to events that may come to the park when finished. Differences include:

    — Park events will be open to locals. This was exclusionary.

    — Park events will very likely not be allowed to go remotely as late. 2am is obviously not reasonable.

    — Park events will likely be determined through a somewhat open process. The community may have the opportunity to have input into what kind of music is there… classical, rap, pop, folk, world, jazz, you name it.

    — Park events will likely not be as loud as this in that most genres of music (classical, jazz, folk, opera, etc) is not played that loud or with as much base (rap, some pop, some rock & roll, heavy metal).

    I know this blog is your venue but my sense is that you’re trying to run it with a sense of journalistic integrity. Please keep that in mind when making statements like the one you did in the comment above. Finally, is it possible that you’re biased because you were invited to the event while the rest of us were excluded?


  • Homer Fink

    Peter – We got into to the show at the last minute courtesy of our pal/music biz big shot Scott. We were planning on our regular Saturday routine of BBC America and SNL.

    If you didn’t already know, in real life I’ve been in the radio/music industry for 25 years. Going to a show like this on a Saturday night is not a big deal to me and can sometimes feel like work. Mrs. Fink has been in the biz for 20 years and is involved in events like this regularly.

    As I’ve said elsewhere today, the organizers should have offered (maybe they did?) tickets to neighborhood organizations, the Brooklyn Paper, the Brooklyn Eagle and anyone else (BHB?).

    Next time, we’d love the ability to bring everyone from the BHB Community to a show like this so we can share the good time we had with all our friends.

    Note to event organizers: not everyone here will complain about noise and garbage if you put on a great show… just please invite all of us!

  • ABC

    I love the “we’d love the ability to bring everyone from the BHB Community”

    Dude, are you the gatekeeper now? or should I say the cryptkeeper?

  • Homer Fink

    wow that’s dark

  • Andrew

    It’s great to have events like this in the park. It’s good for the neighborhoods. However, the curfew for the amplified music should be no later than 11 pm, if not 10 pm.

  • luvtheheights

    It would be very interesting to see what the comments would have been like if a pop band had played? I have a feeling it would not have been as well received than something as edgy as Franz Ferdinand.

  • Jazz

    I think TI and MIA scared people, not Franz.

  • Hawk

    Agreed on curfew. I am new to the Heights, and just started reading here, the pier/any open space does not belong to you and your friends. What is the big stink, deal with it, as someone said above move to the suburbs if you don’t like it. Inundating 311 with calls is not going to do anything except for being a potential distraction to the operators that may be missing a call about a pot hole that just swallowed a car that nearly killed someone.

    Do you really think the city is going to turn down potential revenue because a bunch of you had nothing better to do on a Saturday night than pound 311 with noise complaints?

  • Peter


    I didn’t know your background and I hear ya when you say this wasn’t special for you (my brother worked for Atlantic Records for 13 years so I’ve seen my share of these.)

    My objection was to your comment of:

    “Bottom line – anyone who thought it was too loud last night should be 110% against Brooklyn Bridge Park in any way shape or form. Concerts and events like this are part of every park in the city and its foolish to think BBP will be an exception.”

    While I agree that concerts are in every park, I don’t of ANY concert in a city park that went past midnight, let alone 2 am. Second, hardly any concert in a city park is completely closed to the public.

    Finally, I didn’t notice it was you who said:

    “I think we can all agree that 2AM is at least 3 hours too late for a curfew.”

    Now that’s the Homer Fink I’ve come to virtually know and love — standing up for the neighborhood and taking da’ man to task. ;)