Rock n Roll Circus Schedule

For those of you who are going to Diesel’s Rock n Roll Circus tonight on Pier 3, plan to check out the live webcast or whine like alta kockers about the noise or believe the totally unconfirmed and most likely false rumors TRUE FACT(?) of Britney Spears showing up, here’s the schedule of events according to event organizers-

09:00 pm Grand Opening Jugglers, Contortionists, Fire Eaters and Strong Men perform to Dj Pelle of The Hives.
09:30 pm The ring master welcomes Joey Arias welcomes one and all.
09:45 pm Diesel:U :Music present, O’Fracas Incredible new eclectic indie act from the UK.
10:05 pm DJ Jus Ske Spins
10:20 pm Marching Band Comes Through Space Ladies and gents prepare to be astounded, bemused, bedazzled…
10:45 pm Hot Chip vs Chaka Khan live mash up The incredible Chaka Khan Chaka Khan meet HOT CHIP!!!!
11:20 pm DJs Joel and Benji Madden Spin The boys from Good Charlotte mix pretty good too.
11:45 pm Franz Ferdinand vs T.I. live mash – up Crazed Scottish indie madmen meet Rap dude.
00:20 am DJs Joel and Benji Madden spin
00:40 am Marching Band reprise Ladies and gents prepare to be astounded, bemused, bedazzled…again.
01:05 am M.I.A. vs N.E.R.D live mash – up M.I.A (missing in Acton/Action) Fashion designer, music vid director, coolest of cool, daughter of Tamil Tiger rebel comes out of “retirement” to gig with N*E*R*D
01:35 am DJ Jus Ske Spins Accompanied by acrobatic performance.

And watch this space as we’ll be streaming photos via tonight live from the show:

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