Magic Garden’s Brooklyn Heights Connection

Anyone who came of age between the dayglo 60’s and the Reagan 80’s in New York City knows The Magic Garden on WPIX-TV.  Sure, it was no Soupy Sales or Patchwork Family but the show had a pretty strong following among the “Diaper Dan” set.   One of the highlights of my totally bizarre career in the media biz was an early 80’s internship at channel 11 where the show was shot.  As much as I begged to see the set, no one would issue me a pass to go check it out.  I did, however, get to hang out with the guys in the control room who controlled the “Pix Pix Pix” interactive video game.  But that’s another story for a different time.  So imagine my surprise when I saw this passage in today’s NY Times profile about the show’s stars and creators, Paula and Carole, and how they’re still going strong at 68 years of age:

NY Times: Keepers of The Magic Garden: Ms. Demas and Ms. Janis were born and raised in Brooklyn and crossed paths many times on their own roads to adulthood: as students at Midwood High School; at the graduate school of New York University, where they studied early childhood education; and, in 1964, as teachers at Public School 7, an experimental middle school in Brooklyn Heights made up largely of minority students from low-income backgrounds.

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  • Ed Ziskind

    It’s nice to work at the station in which I had so many memories as a child. I was called for pix pix pix but couldn’t get down the street fast enough. It’s nice to say Hello to the chuckle patch.

  • brooklynite

    I LOVED this show growing up. I would always wait to see if they would say my name. Such good memories. Who doesn’t love pink squirrels??

  • Teddie Boy Eddie

    Who doesn’t like to smoke a fattie and hang out in the chuckle patch?

  • BKBS

    Paula and Carole saw my brother Michael and me through the magic mirror at the end of the show one day…

  • lifer

    “i’m fine, me too, we’re fine and hoow are you?”, and “there are no locks on story box”.. great memories, how about the New Zoo Review?

  • Qfwfq
  • nabeguy

    Too old too have gotten in on this, but dang, Ms. Demas looks familiar. Maybe we crossed paths at PS 7 which, by the way, was not very experimental and not in Brooklyn Heights but rather on Front Steet east of Jay.

  • Billy Reno

    This show rocked, but I was raised on the values of “Dusty’s Treehouse” and “Mannix”.

  • joe

    Loved the chuckle patch. I remember making my own chuckle patch with my older sister from my mom’s plastic flowers. We would shake them back and forth with our hands to make them chuckle.

    Now that I’m thinking of the 70s I have the electric company’s “conjunction junction what’s your function” on replay in my head.

  • lissa

    It’s nice to shake your hand…shake hands…shake hands…
    It’s nice to shake your hand…shake hands and how are you?
    I’m fine…Me too…We’re fine and how are you?
    I’m fine…Me Too!…We’re fine and how are you?

    (I can’t believe I remember that…It just came back to me like it was yesterday! Wow, I loved that show so much. I feel old.)