20 Henry Street: From Affordable Housing! to Affordable Housing?

Today, the condos at 20 Henry Street, aka the Peaks Mason Mints Factory, officially went on sale.  The building, which was once “afforadable housing” under Mitchell Lama now boasts luxury residences with a top price of $2.56 million.   Curbed reports that broker Halstead claims that over 1,900 folks have expressed interest in the properties.

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  • http://BrooklynHeightsBlog Karl

    While I agree that they are obviously overpriced in today’s economic environment, 40% is a bit overstated.

    Asking for $746K for a 713 square ft. apartment facing Popular Street and the noise from the bridge is just silly. We all know that, those of us who live in the neighborhood. It doesn’t look like the police station next door will be rehabilitated anytime soon so that obviously detracts from the price.

    Those of us who love the Heights realize the location deserves a premium but paying over $1000 per square foot is ludicrous. Maybe if had amenities like a rooftop pool, screening room, library, large outdoor space with super landscaping, pet spa, his/her saunas etc. You get the idea.

    Overpriced but not by 40%, maybe 25%. This is a great neighborhood and is worth a few extra dollars. Been here for 28 years after growing up in Manhattan and know that there isn’t any better.

  • Rolf Krantz

    Well, I must say that it is impressive. While back in my home town of Prague, this is a price that is attractive? I will be interested to see if they all are sold. Proust!

  • ABC

    Someone told me (a realtor at 20 Henry) that the police building had already been gutted on the inside. How did I miss that? I didn’t, did I?

    She also said she expected condos to go in there tho there are no plans. I said I still expected the League Treatment Center to move in.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget the enterainment benefit of the firehouse on Middagh for those apartments on the sunny southside of the building.

  • ABC

    I want to add that I do like this development and this part of the Heights. I’m sure the windows are pretty sound-proof and I wouldn’t be surprised if the fire trucks don’t turn on their sirens right out of the door, but I don’t know that.

    I don’t really get the “officially went on sale” aspect of this story. I guess they’ve been previewing them for a month? I know they’ve been selling them.

    Agree prices are very high.

  • Anonymous

    ABC: Ever noticed that the firetrucks go against a one way street? Be it either the part to Henry Street or to Cadman Plaza West. Every time I see them pull out they do have the sirene’s on. I am frequently in that area.

  • AEB

    There will always be folks with money, no matter the economic climate.

    Living near the building, which I pass daily, I see great potential for terrific spaces with even better views (if you don’t face east).

    Prediction: almost every apartment will be taken without reducing fees.

  • Alex

    Selfishly I’d love to see reductions but I wouldn’t count on it. It’s a beautiful building and a good location.

  • my2cents

    I always thought that abandoned police dept. was where they secretly interrogate high value suspects. I have walked by occasionally and seen light peaking out between the cracks in the window boards. Creeeeepy.

  • my2cents

    Also, I think that it is nothing but good news for the hood that this building is going to be inhabited, regardless of the prices. It is a prime piece of real estate, a very nice piece of architecture. Dumbo loft feel, without the Q train clattering overhead every 10 seconds. Also, I bet the views from the west and north sides of the building are phenominal.

  • epc

    I lived on Cranberry for a couple of years, directly behind 118/205: the sirens fade into the din of city noise.

    As for FDNY going the “wrong way” on the one way streets: I’m sure someone whose home was on fire would be pleased to know that the FDNY spent the extra time to travel the “right way” rather than speed on to their burning home.

  • Melissa

    I looked at the sample recently with my husband and learned 2 things – that they haven’t sold enough units to secure the rest of their financing, and two, bedrooms other than the master are so small that they can only comfortably be used as an office. This was very disappointing. The sample bathroom, however, looks very nice.

  • Anonymous

    epc: LOL. I like your comment about the wrong way, yet that wasnt the point I was trying to make.

  • http://BHB Bjorn D’Angelo

    A Great addition to the neighborhood. Is it overpriced? Sure, but what isn’t around here.

  • In the Heights

    The police building on Poplar will never be residential. The owner determined that it is too costly to reconfigure it as residential housing. For a time, the owner was negotiating with the DOE to rent it for an annex to PS 8, but they couldn’t meet on a price. The League Center was also negotiating, but that deal fell through as well.