BP Marty Hears from Community: “Save LICH!”

Button supporting LICH, taken by Philip Bennett

Button supporting LICH, taken by Philip Bennett

Packed into the ceremonial courtroom of Borough Hall was a standing room only audience that sent a unified message to the politicians and officials as to the importance of saving Long Island College Hospital. Both medical staff and neighborhood residents of Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, etc. told personal stories (myself included) of what the proposed cuts to LICH would mean for everyone.

Following the opening remarks of BP Marty Markowitz and the other politicians, the first person to provide testimony supporting saving the Hospital was Dr. Toomas Sorra, the former president of the medical staff of LICH, who have put together a comprehensive proposal is separate the Hospital from Continuum Health Partners, the consortium of hospitals that includes LICH along with several other hospitals located in Manhattan. A number of people commented that the New York State Department of Health, to which Continuum has applied for permission to close LICH’s obsterics, pediatrics, and dental practices, along with several clinics based in public schools, should hold a similar hearing as part of its decision-making process. 

Towards the end of the evening one of the participants asked, “What can we do to help?” Marty quickly suggested that Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Department of Health should hear from all concerned parties.  Contact AG Cuomo here.

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  • E G

    This was by far the most heartening of all gatherings on this issue. More than once I felt a lump in my throat throughout the many testimonials, personal and representative, on the importance of LICH to the community.

    For instance, I was taken by the words of the Long time LICH nurse who brought out a point I had not heard nor considered, the lack of good old fashion marketing! How LICH has made no attempt whatever to appeal to the members of ‘stroller’ brigade, (or parents of the ‘little monsters’) that have flooded the these neighborhoods. A pretty compelling and obvious indication of the Continuum board’s laissez-faire policy towards the facility.

    Further was the beer-bellied physician who brought up that past CEO’s of LICH would testify to Continuum’s intentions to let the facility bleed out.

    There was that guy from Colorado who honesty creeps me out a bit, but overall it was a riveting and powerful show of support.

    Kudos to Marty Markowitz for his leadership role on this issue. I wouldn’t always speak well of him. I do lately.

    Heads up, a very well read columnist and patron of the hospital will soon be adding a voice to this issue.

  • TK Small


    Thank you for your cogent observations. I had expected to be able to attend with someone to take notes for me, but I couldn’t get it organized.

    Another point that I should have mentioned, BP Marty will be collecting testimony until Friday. People can send their comments via e-mail using the BP website.

  • E G

    You’re welcome Mr. Small! … and might I add I was among the many so taken and appreciative of your testimony as well as your ongoing commitment to this cause!

    I have my own history with LICH, however, I am not a public speaker and cannot manage the nerve to try to be one! I admire and praise all courageous enough to step up to the mic on this important issue. I however might send my written comments as per your reminder.