Danish Seamen’s Chuch Fair – Hot Dogs, Glogg… Sjovt!

The Danish Seamen’s Chuch [102 Willow Street] held its annual Danish Fair this weekend.   We chomped on hot dogs and guzzled Glogg while checking out all the wonderful Christmas ornaments for sale.  While Mrs. Fink insists that Glogg is just “mulled wine” our Danish friends at the Fair say, “Nej glog er meget bedre.”

Either way make your own with this recipe.  Unless you have a better one — comment below.

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  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Sorry my visit to the fair didn’t overlap with yours. I went to the Willow Street location first, at about 1:30, thinking to have some frikadeller and a hot dog (neither of which I tried last year), along with some glogg, but the line was very long, so I moved on to Henry Street. There I found another long line, but decided to stay for the open-faced sandwiches. I sampled four: roast beef, salami, liver pate and shrimp. All were very good, but the shrimp was my favorite, just like last year. They were tiny and briny, with a sauce that smoothed out their strong flavor without obscuring it. Also as last year, Carlsberg lager washed everything down nicely.

    Afterward, I went back to Willow Street, found it even more crowded, but wanted my glogg badly enough to tough it out. I also had some dessert, the name of which escapes me. They were little fritters served with a large dollop of jam and a mound of powdered sugar, and scrumptious.

    Thanks for posting the link to the glogg recipe. I’m surprised to find that there’s nothing stronger in it than wine, although I think there may be variants of it that include akavit or perhaps rum. One of its sublime charms is, once the cup has been drained, plucking and eating the expanded, alcohol-infused raisins from the bottom.

  • No One Of Consequence

    Not to take away from what they were serving at the fair, but you can get that shrimp and egg sandwich at the Ikea cafe.
    The fair was fun, I’ll try to be more prepared next year (I forgot to load up on cash first, d’oh!)