Is Midnight the Missing Dog for Real?

From the BHB Inbox comes a story that we can’t confirm, have no idea if it’s true but figured we’d share with you anyway:

Tonight, walking down Montegue Street [sic] around 6pm, I heard a woman scream outside Key Foods. She was screaming for her missing Yorkshire Terrier, Midnight, whom she has tied up to the post while she went in the store.

I walked around the corner to Remsen Street, where the woman lives, and spoke to a man that was helping her during this crisis. He told me that the Yorkshire Terrier is female, black with tan feet and her name is Midnight. He also said that the stock boys that were unloading a truck in front of the Key Foods when her dog was stolen said that a medium build man wearing a green hat took her.

This is not quite as important, but I also have to note that I was standing across the street watching as the woman was in panic. She got very little help from the workers outside of Key Foods. After she went
away in shock, one of the boys started laughing and actually fell down in some sort of performance for his co-workers.

This is all I know and just want to share this story to help this woman find her dog. I don’t know what you would do with it but I feel its important for the community to know that this has happened.

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  • T.T. Seer

    That email is confusing and weird and it seems as though its intention is discredit Key Food and its employees.

    The author walked around the corner AND watched the front of the Key Foods at the same time? I see. Very unusual.

  • Publius

    If this report is true, my heart goes out to the owner and Midnight.

    Having said that, it’s crazy to leave one’s dog tied up anywhere. Dogs, especially full breed dogs, have monetary value, can and do get stolen. Anyone who has a dog and leaves the dog unattended in public is, IMHO, an irresponsible dog owner. A cautionary tale for other dog owners.

  • skunky

    only in Brooklyn Heights would this be a “story”, complete with an aside about those horrible horrible stock boys making fun of our proud upstanding citizen.

  • Nance

    I went into Key Food Friday night around 5:45 and I saw a little yorkie tied up by the entrance. The stockboys were all out and the sidewalk was full of boxes and wood palettes.
    It was a very cute Yorkie. It must have been taken right after I went in to the supermarket. Terrible. Yorkies are valuable and they are little. I’m really sorry.

  • Nance

    I can’t get this out of mind because I saw the dog probably minutes before it was stolen. It was night and there was a lot of commotion on the sidewalk because there were large supermarket deliveries being made. I do not remember seeing anyone with a green hat, but I definitely saw the dog. It isn’t a lie, and why would someone make something like that up anyway? It’s heartbreaking.

  • Teddy

    I hope she gets her dog back, but from what I know of dog snatchings, the dog is rarely found again. Well, this should make dog owners think twice before they tie up their little family member before going into a store. With the way the economy is, more people will be looking for “things of monetary value” as they walk down the street.

  • Harry the Horse

    Some good observations here. Yes, the lady must be a moron, yes, the post intimating the Key Food guys are bad guys is typical racist rant, and yes, it is heartbreaking what the poor woman must be going through.
    But to speak realistically and try to help her, she should head over to the Gowanus and Farragut houses ASAP. I know of 4-6 dogs that were recovered there; ask any of the dog walkers, they’ll tell you the same thing.

  • Nancy

    Um, how is the observation about the Key food workers a “typical racist rant”, yet the suggestion of going to the projects not? Think before you write, please!

  • Bisanne

    Neither the comment about the Key Foods workers nor the Gowanus and Farragut houses tip was racist. All the posting said was that the workers didn’t help the woman, and that one of them made fun of her. That’s not racist; that’s an observation. And as for the tip to check out the Gowanus and Farragut houses, well, if it’s true that 4-6 dogs were recovered there, then that is just a statement of fact as well.

    And as for calling dog owners who tie their dogs up outside morons, well, that is just a bit too much. I think it’s interesting (and not a good kind of interesting) that people are so quick to call the woman stupid, the poster a racist, and then defend the Key Foods workers, who did nothing, and probably saw it happen, because um…they were outside! I don’t care who they are; if people see someone steal a dog, and they do nothing, and then make fun of the victim, well, those aren’t people I would defend. Let’s get real.

    I hope that poor woman finds her dog. And that anyone who would call her a “moron” never finds themselves in the all-too common situation of making one small mistake that leads to something largely unfortunate.

  • Bklynteacher

    If true, I feel sick at heart for the dog- I have no sympathy for the owner- would anyone leave their baby outside in a stroller? Dogs are not accessories.
    If you are running errands, or going to sit in a cafe….leave your dog at home, and take it for a proper walk later. I have seen dogs outside coffeeshops/bookstores/restaurants/spas….and so on, as I walked to dinner. Often, they were still tied up outside as I walked home. Sometimes in freezing cold temperatures.
    I hope the person who stole the dog took it to some loving kids because he couldn’t afford to buy them a dog, and didn’t use “Midnight” as an appetizer for a dog fighting match.

  • Nance

    honestly, a lot of people leave their dogs outside Key Food. There are dogs there all the time. Is it too much to ask that they not be stolen? Why so much anger and name-calling at the victim? I’m sure you would blame the parents in a case of child-napping a well. Such lack of sympathy, I’m suprised.

  • Bklynteacher

    I hear this type of lame excuse in school all the time.
    “I wasn’t the only one doing it!” It doesn’t fly.

    My sympathy is with the dog, Nance- and yes, I have some sympathy for the human here, but……
    I would put some of the blame on the parents if they left their stroller and bay outside for 20 minutes and the child was taken…..wouldn’t you?
    Perhaps this explanation will clear things up for you, since you seem to have missed the point completely.
    Is it “too much to ask” that pet owners act responsibly?
    If you are going shopping- leave your dog at home- people are capable of anything. I would NEVER leave my dog unattended.

  • heartless

    Nane wrote: “I’m sure you would blame the parents in a case of child-napping a well.” — Yes, if they left their small child outside a store all alone i would… There have been dog thefts in the city for years, with more than a few in the heights — a few happening in front of gristede’s a few years back — so why would you leave your dog unattended?!?

  • seriously?

    Is this seriously seriously a story? People care about their dogs more in this neighborhood than human beings. I’ve seen people literally step over and bitch about the homeless man on Court street as they walk their precious yorkies. Please lets get our priorities straight and give ourselves a reality check of what should be considered a tragedy in the neighborhood.

  • Yes, seriously

    Seriously? Yes, seriously… this is seriously a story. Brooklyn Heights is full of people just like me, who treat their dogs like family members and sympathize deeply with someone who is going through the nightmare of losing her dog (regardless of who is at fault). Not sure who is walking their yorkies and stepping over and bitching about homeless people on Court street… that sounds like an exaggeration or complete fabrication… but regardless, if you don’t care about dogs, then why are you reading articles like this and commenting… go read about the plight of homeless people and get involved in that cause, which you seem to have an interest in. Whatever you do, please don’t ever get a dog, because you clearly don’t understand how wonderful dogs are and how they enrich peoples lives.

  • bklyn20

    Yes, it is foolish to tie up any dog, especially a tiny valuable (interms of resale $$$, not love) outside Key Food. That does not, however, entitle thieves to take them.

    In defense of Key workers, remember that neighborhood favorite Mahahmoud (?Mohammed) was threatened by the manager for helping someone just last week. If any of them
    noticed and said nothing, they may have been worried about losing their jobs for talking a minute to stop the thief.

  • MisterGrumpy

    I was there too. I was about to enter Key Food and saw a woman, understandably frantic and crying, trying to figure out what had happened to her dog. At least one guy unloading the truck offered up a description of the poacher, and that’s when the woman ran off down Montague shouting for her dog. When I left the Key Food I saw a manager (I assume a manager) telling the guy in the truck to “Just say you didn’t see anything for the next time.” Classy.

    Learned the other day though, that things ended up OK, sorta. Dog was basically taken hostage and returned for $500, no cops involved, so the thief or thieves are still out there. Watch your dogs, watch your friends’ dogs and maybe get the word out that there are some people running a dog scam in the Heights.

    And Key Food – be nicer.