Hooters? Not Likely

We’ve heard that some people on the Internets have mentioned a “rumor” started by “someone who posted a sign” at 60 Henry regarding a Hooters moving into that space.   First, let’s just all calm down and remember the whole “Cigar Bar” hoax of 2007 (and its lame follow up Penelope’s Playspace) at that same location.   Add to that the fact that Community Board 2 has not received notification for any establishment seeking to serve alcohol at 60 Henry.  Not to mention that there’s no LPC application asking to hang, say, a giant HOOTERS SIGN at that location.  We’ve contacted Hooters PR and are awaiting a response on this story as well.

However we are grateful this “rumor” gives us the license to use this awesome clip from South Park.

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  • AEB

    The clip is perfect. Wonderful how so much pointed cultural send-up can be fit into a few minutes of cartoon “silliness.”

    Surprised Gristedes isn’t offering a “full-service” Hooters outpost in the full-service deli section of the “new” (full-service) store….

  • Beavis

    Bring back Club Wildfyre!

    Now that was a cultural amenity.

  • my2cents

    Hooters in Brooklyn Heights? Hahah. That’s notgonnahappen.com
    funny joke though.

  • http://www.myspace.com/billyreno Billy Reno

    There aren’t enough Republican dipsticks in this nabe to keep one going.

  • In the Heights

    I heard it was a hoax to see what the response would be! I guess it worked.

  • jazz

    of course chef dan is out on the streets again!