Cigar Bar Sign… Bogus?

Since it’s a little late for April Fool, the sign posted on one of the vacant stores at 60 Henry (aka Flower Mart) that claims the location will be home to Cigar Bar is at best questionable. Here’s what the fine print says:

IMG_1494.JPGThe Cigar Bar will be the most luxurious of New York’s cigar bars. It will have the finest cusy leather couches, vintage liquors and of course cigars to be had this far north of Cuba. Highlyrecommended by Hans Rickneit of Leavitt and Pierce as well as Cigar Afficionato [sic] this is the best smoke in town for a young beginning smoker. Although this establishment does feature a physical bar the real scene will be found in the back lounge. The lights are warm and low and the dark wook paneling evokes an Old Worl ambiance. Choose from a wide selection of ports sherries and wines brought to you by our highly trained staff. Light fare such as quesadillas or hummus and pita bread will also be available.

Too good to be true? Plagiarism? You bet. Unless this is the most extreme coincidence in the history of man the text for the sign is directly lifted — down to the misspelling of Cigar Afficionado — from Cigar Masters of Boston (original here). Add that to the fact that it’s illegal to open a new cigar bar in NYC, it appears that we have a nabe prankster on our hands.

Update: The sign has been taken down.

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  • hoppy

    I was scratching my head wondering how they were going to fit leather couches PLUS a bar PLUS a humidor PLUS a “back lounge” PLUS a kitchen in that former bodega. LOL!

  • nabeguy

    Tell you one thing, it will probably smell better as a cigar bar than the previous bodga! By the way, this must be a joke. A cigar bar in the Heights wouldn’t last long enough to finish a good Garcia y Vega.