BHB Gets Shoutout in B’Paper

Brooklyn Paper's always saucy Heights correspondent Christie Rizk gives BHB a mention this week on our story about the Pierrepo(i)nt Street sign (original story thanks to Heights 97):

Does Pierrepont Place have a new name? That’s what the bloggers at brooklynheightsblog. com were asking themselves when they noticed a street sign with a typo calling the street “Pierrepoint” Place. Who makes these signs and don’t they have spell-check?

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  • Heights97

    A quick footnote: The same typo used to appear on the sign at the corner of Pierrepont Street and Cadman Plaza West. It’s a common error.

    Without giving away what I do for a living, I’ll tell you that finding typos everywhere is an occupational hazard of my line of work.