BHA to Diesel Circus: You Kids Get Off My Lawn!

The Diesel Jeans sponsored Rock n Roll Circus scheduled for tomorrow night (10/11) on Pier 3 and featuring Franz Ferdinand and others  has the BHA and some Brooklyn Heights residents reaching for their Flents ear plugs.  So much so that the organization has sent an urgent dispatch to their members informing them of what counter-measures they can deploy to fight loud sounds of youth gone wild. The show has a permit to rock out until 2AM.

Good thing the BHA didn’t get the memo that the edgy Vice Magazine is the show’s media partner —  which means ANYTHING can happen on that pier tomorrow night (click this link at your own risk).  The fact that tickets are impossible to come by unless you picked them up at a Diesel store this week (our bigwig music industry friends are having trouble getting tix!) should add to the “circus” atmosphere tomorrow night as stragglers and scalpers try to hook up with each other before showtime.

Full BHA letter after the jump.

Dear BHA Member:

If you’re wondering where the loud, amplified music that blasted through the Heights this morning was coming from, here’s the answer:

Diesel (the designer jeans company) has been given a permit for a huge anniversary party on Pier 3 on Saturday night, Oct. 11th.

The permit allows the party — and the music — to continue until 2AM! 5,000 people have been invited (from the fashion industry).

Today, the sound system for the event was tested. From the wave of phone calls our office received, there’s still a lot to be done to lower the decibels. Promises have been made about sound proofing the tents, and we’ve already called the organizers several times this afternoon to complain. They’re still “working on it”.

Tomorrow night, if you are kept awake by loud music, it is essential to call 311 to register a noise complaint. Please also notify the BHA via email or call 718-858-9193. Our answering machine will probably fill up with angry messages on Saturday night!

We hope to prevent this kind of situation in the future, as there ought to be a protocol established for use of the piers, before Brooklyn Bridge Park is built.

Judy Stanton

Oh and N*E*R*D* is playing, better stock up on the digitalis

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  • me

    Dont know about who else is playing but Franz Ferdinand is EXCELLENT! I’ll keep my windows open wide for that bit!

  • stefan

    What is really going to happen down there on those empty piers in the years to come? That is anyone’s guess. It is fair to say that it will almost certainly not be the sweet little park we were promised. Who knows what the port authority and the city will actually decide to do down there on a “strictly temporary” basis? I am strongly inclined to think it will be whatever will generate the biggest, fastest bucks. How could it be otherwise?

  • my2cents

    Talk about alarmism…what is this, River City from the Music Man? Trouble that begins with T which rhymes with V that stands for Vice Magazine. It’ll be fine. Go back to sleep, people.

  • Beavis

    The sky is falling!

  • paul

    hearing base from live performances is bad enough when you are on vacation. now we have it in our living rooms. if it happens once, ok. it is happening twice (tonight and tomorrow night). i have to imagine that the those responsible for signing off on this will be happy to book “pier 3″ again and again. hell it is listed as a ‘venue’ on a site i was just at. i think people have every reason to be concerned.

  • Billy Reno

    Perhaps if the Tommy Dorsey Band played, y’all wouldn’t be soiling your adult diapers over this.

  • my2cents

    Yeah, that’d be swell.

  • Anonymous

    I suggest to move to a retirement home in Florida. It will be quiet there, you can have early bird at all the good restaurants and be in bed by 8:30.

    This is a one time thing. Its not happening every weekend. So get over it.

  • Anonymous

    I live on Willow Street. I could hear the soundchecks very loudly.

  • dano

    It’s going to be a great show. But what’s the best way to get there? If anyone can tell me the most convenient subway stop, I’d be much obliged…

  • Get Over It

    Please, I live one block off the promenade, and the summer fireworks are waaay more disruptive, noise-wise, than the soundchecking has been for this show. But I never complain, because guess what? People ENJOY the fireworks. So just because this is something that people in this retirement community don’t happen to enjoy, it’s no reason to get all up in arms over a one-time event. BHA, settle down. Your precious little corner of your neatly ordered, quiet world is not going to fall apart this Saturday. Sheesh.

  • Homer Fink

    I’ll be there tonight… buy me a glowstick!

  • anony

    Judy Stanton has a dark, miserable soul.

  • luvtheheights

    2 am is way too late for a residential neighborhood. What is going to happen in the future. Will there be weekly events? Is this something we will just have to live with? I don’t live by the BQE because I don’t like the noise. I am a music lover – but not when it is shoved down my throat at 2 am. There need to be a balance established here. I applaud the BHA! They are looking out for us. Doesn’t seem anyone else is.

  • anony

    It’s gonna be LOUD and full of heavy BASS to thunder through that upper class snob neighborhood. I hope there’s more concerts held there. It’s a great use for that site.

  • my2cents

    I thought this was the city that never sleeps. Not the city that’s in bed with the lights out by 11 on a saturday night. 2 am isn’t that late on a saturday night.

  • No One Of Consequence

    Here it is 11pm and I don’t hear a thing.

    I’ve found that NYC scarcely lives up to the name. You want a city that never sleeps, go to Vegas.

  • stefan

    WOW! Such nastiness.
    People are telling their neighbors to move to a retirement community if they do not appreciate loud music wafting up from the piers until 2:00 AM!
    What is going on? Listen you guys, if you don’t like living near older folks then, guess what? you should not be living in Brooklyn Heights. I know, I know, that means you have to move out of your parents’ house, but you know, you will be 30…40? soon? and it’s time. Really.
    Get a job, move to Billyburg. Don’t let the door slam on your way out.

  • luvtheheights

    Hear it now?? My apt on Willow is vibrating! Oh goody. I get to relive my 20ks.2 hours to go and my kids will be up at 6:00 Manhattan is the city that never sleeps.We left to get some peace and quiet. That’s why people move to Brooklyn!

  • my2cents

    Stefan, it isn’t a question of living near old people. There are probably *some* old people at that concert right now. It is a question of curmudgeonliness. Curmudgeons can be any age. For what it’s worth i can’t hear a thing here on Hicks Street, but I am sure those on the promenade can get it pretty good. My view is, if you have a concert right outside your apartment, might as well crack open a beer and sit outside and enjoy it. No use crying over spilt music.

  • Just a Neighbor

    It’s not terrible but I can definitely hear it and I’m quite a few blocks away..sounds like loud thumping and some man screaming in a deranged fashion into the microphone. Oh, and sirens a few minutes ago.

    Sweet dreams, everybody!

  • Grace Ct. Resident

    You know…I don’t really have a big problem with them using that space, but the freakin’ sick amounts of noise still coming from there at 2AM is really annoying. I can hear the music and bass very clearly, even with my TV on and the windows closed. Guess I’m staying up later than normal tonight.

  • neighborhoodie

    listen, dudes. I am not old and I like a bunch of the performers, but jeeze it’s rude for the music to be this loud this late in a residential neighborhood. that’s why stadiums are generally way out in fields or enclosed.

    my frakking building was vibrating.

    this kind of noise is not what makes brooklyn heights, brooklyn heights.
    it’s just wrong.