Intrepid From the Promenade

Intrepid was moved from the Staten Island pier where she has been undergoing repair work to her permanent berth on the West Side of Manhattan today. Here she is, as seen from the Promenade at about 12:20 P.M., with the Statue of Liberty appearing to stand on her flight deck. The sailing vessel passing just astern of Intrepid is Pride of Baltimore II (see here).

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  • AEB

    But how do we know the boat’s a girl? Someone peek under its…I mean, her, gunwales?

    (Yes, I know it’s a traditional–what?–honorific, but still! )

  • henry & state

    Caught sight of the Intrepid from my office window with its armada of boats around her. Welcome Home.

  • Claude Scales

    I know it’s not exactly P.C., but, as an old time ship buff, I haven’t been able to kick the habit of using feminine pronouns.

  • AEB

    Let’s make a deal, Claude: you get to refer to boats as she if I can do likewise with any and all deities.


  • Claude Scales

    As Athena, Diana, and Isis are my witnesses, it’s a deal.

  • AEB


  • GHB

    I still refer to hurricanes as ‘her.’ Hurricane Andrew? I don’t think so…we’ll call her Andrea. Cristobal my ass. Christina! Gustav?…