B’Paper: Jail Closer to Re-opening?

From CHB: Looks like the House of D on Atlantic Avenue is one step closer to re-opening according to the Brooklyn Paper.

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  • adam suerte

    Shameless plug -Prints of this painting available THIS SUNDAY at the Atlantic Antic by Smith And Atlantic at the Brooklyn Tattoo both, – Holla

  • my2cents

    Maybe instead of retail on the first floor, then can have a school.

  • JGM

    Great idea about placing a school in the House of D…but the community will need assurances that none of the 2nd graders will escape and go running down Atlantic

  • anon

    I am getting tired of the saga of this jail. Its all talk and no action.
    What I would love to see there would be one of those controlled implosions that would bring down the hideous hulk in two minutes. That would be sweet.

  • yo

    this thing is going nowhere….the minute an official plan is announced, there will be lawsuits filed that will delay the start of this project into the next administration, at which point, the political will to push this forward may not exist (unless term limits are suspended or repealed and bloomy wins again)