Action at Busy Chef

As BHB Community member “Yo” pointed out yesterday, there’s something going on at the site formerly known as Busy Chef at 60 Henry Street.   There also seems to be activity at the old Wine Bar space at 50 Henry Street.  BHB regular nabeguy commented yesterday, “I also saw the activity in the Wine Bar space. I presumed that the broker-type was Alan Young spinning his web, but may be wrong. When I asked the guy who’s been watching the places lately if something was moving in, the question was met with a blank stare.”

Busy Chef, the Wine Bar at 50 Henry and Oven were all shut down over the summer after one of its employees Dan Kaufman was arrested and charged with several counts including identity theft related to credit card fraud. The case is currently before a Brooklyn Grand Jury.

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  • Monty

    I think that space really needs a pet store. In fact, both of them should be pet stores. Or one pet store and one pet spa.

  • AEB

    One pet store, one pet spa, and a Duane Reade. Or eyeglass shop. Or semi-demi-quasi Asian restaurant. Or shoe store. Or Realtor’s office.

    Can’t wait!

  • yo

    cell phone store for pets!!!!

    Actually, I’m sure it’s too much to ask for, but how about a simple, neighborhood bar / bistro type of place…..

    if that fails, my vote is for a karaoke bar

  • anon

    It has been a long time for a grand jury to consider the facts, too long in fact. At some point, the term of a grand jury expires (I don’t recall the length of time, however). Someone should check with the Brooklyn DA’s office to check on the status.

    Also, there was a court date on the civil case with the former partners of the kosher eatery on Clark St. Anyone know the status?

  • Homer Fink

    Grand Jury hearings can go on for a year or more according to the DA’s office.

  • AEB

    Yo, pet store for cell phones?

  • AEB

    …who can also be supplied with glasses or mattresses….

  • AEB

    PS, I passed the above site, and a tall plywood thing has been erected that entirely covers the storefronts.

    Work permit affixed reads that store alterations have been approved…..

  • Andrew Porter

    The superintendent of the building said that the store fronts are to be restored, with the missing Art Deco grills underneath the store fronts that are now missing to be replaced, and the smashed stone to be replaced with marble or other stone so it will be the same in appearance as the side of the building on Cranberry Street. The plywood will cover the facades so that no criminals nor the weather can get in while this is done. However, no permits from Landmarks were on display, through there were permits from the Buildings Dept and DOT (for some unknown reason). Landmarks has been notified.

  • AEB

    But what about doing the same work above the long-vacant stores also in the building and a bit further south?

    The storefront “architecture” is in much greater disrepair there than it ever was near Oven, The Blue Pig, and Busy Chef.

  • nabeguy

    Walking by the site this morning, and looking in from the doorway of the shed, I saw a FOR RENT sign in the window. Won’t do much good hidden behind plywood, but it confirms that the space is on the market again. And I concur with AEB about the spaces to the south which look South Bronx circa 1975.

  • AEB

    nabe et al, just passed the site, and the plywood fence has now been raised around ALL the vacant store spaces.

    The tref storefront Chinese takeout place and the nail salon will have to have their “surroundings” tarted up while in-action–or in the dead of night, it seems….

  • Andrew Porter

    AEB, the reconstruction includes the other vacant stores. It is not concerned so much with the area above the stores as the space in front and below the display windows.