New Parking Rules Coming

Our pals at DUMBONYC had the time to check out the CB2 meeting and the word on new parking regulations for DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights.  According to the report, “in Brooklyn Heights, the sweeping (per side) would take place on one day per week with No Parking in three different sessions: 8:30am to 10am, 9:30am to 11am and 11:30am to 1pm.”  Read the whole thing.

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  • ABC

    If they’re saying all of brooklyn heights street cleaning will be on one day, that is a super dumb idea. The fact that it is mostly Tuesday or Wednesday here helps things more.

  • Peter

    This actually kind of sucks. The way it works now works well:

    1. You can move the car before work and then come home a bit early and move it back at the end of the day.

    2. You can move it Tuesday at 5pm to a space that becomes legal on Tuesday at 6 and then Wednesday night to a space that becomes legal on Wednesday at 6. That way you avoid any early mornings.

    Then again, the way these 90 minute windows seem to work in Manhattan is that you sit in the car in the illegal space, wait for the street sweeper to come along, slide across to let him by, then slide back and go home. Maybe they don’t ticket after the sweeper passes? And maybe the 3 windows let you choose a time that works better for you? Though I suspect those 8:30 spaces will be VERY popular so people can get to work.

    Recommending books so good, they’ll keep you up past your bedtime ;)

  • ABC

    we have the 90 minute windows here too — along parts of hicks, along columbia, etc. but the mix is what makes it work. you can park in a Wednesday spot and move it to a Tuesday spot, etc. the flexibility we have now is the only reason it’s a teeny tiny bit easier to park here

  • Guy

    will there still be the parking permitted Tues Wed option or is that gone now, i fear tickets stacking up fast for those of us who move cars before and after work

  • heightsresident

    i would have no issues IF THE CLEANING DID SOMETHING !!!!. when the sweeper passes it flings up dirt and wets the pavement a bit but nothing like actually cleaning the street, the hours that in place now work fine , there’s no need to change them other than give those vulcher meter maids another reason to change out and wait for the clock to strike 8 am while they’re little machines are running 10 minutes fast………….absolutely true story, they gave me a ticket 10 minutes ahead of time