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All That Shooting? It’s Not Your Imagination

Over the last few weeks, those little multi-colored notices on trees and street signs have flourished almost as efflorescently as the white blossoms that are harbingers of spring in our neighborhood. Locals, though, don’t welcome the signs with quite as much enthusiasm as they do the blossoms. The Brooklyn Eagle reports what we always know to be […]

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“Crime” Spree Hits The Heights

Brace yourselves, neighbors: for the next week, nowhere will be safe. The intruders will be everywhere, from Montague to Cranberry, Cadman Plaza to Hicks Street. Some of us (this writer included) view the encroachment of TV crews as nothing short of an invading army. Others may welcome the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Mariska […]

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Unauthorized Movie Shoot on Columbia Heights

As she is wont to do of a Tuesday afternoon, your correspondent was cruising the neighborhood yesterday, looking for a Tuesday spot to park., when she came across an unusual sight on Columbia Heights between Clark and Pineapple. (I will now cease talking about myself in the third person.) There were several vintage cars parked […]

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Welcome to the Week of Parking Hell

Street cleaning rules are suspended today and tomorrow for Shemini Atzereth and Simchas Torah respectively, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to move your car, as huge swaths of the Heights are hit with “no parking” signs. Between street work and the filming of Blindspot, the dreaded signs are up on most of Henry, Hicks, and […]

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50 Cent’s Power to Shoot in Brooklyn Heights on Yom Kippur

50 Cent’s “Power” is coming to take over the North Heights on Thursday, on many of the same streets affected by the “St James Place” shoot. The show’s second season will begin on Starz soon. Scenes for its first season shot here as well.

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Cars! Trucks! A Bike! Watch This Video Of Brooklyn Heights’ ‘Street Cleaning Madness’

YouTube user Adam Backstrom posted a video earlier this week of “street cleaning madness on Henry Street”. It’s worth watching whether you’re a driver, a biker, a pedestrian or a student of the human condition.

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The ‘Empire’ Strikes Back: Filming Takes Over Heights

As previously reported, filming for HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” is pervasive in Brooklyn Heights Wednesday, with shooting, catering, holding, cranes hoisting giant spotlights, cams and various other big mamma trucks, wiring & related accoutrements along: Cadman Plaza West, Montague, Court, Remsen, Monroe Place, Clinton, Pierrepont and Henry. In fact, it’s almost easier to omit those streets […]

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Montague Street Parking Ticket Overkill? Come On!

Are you kidding? This UPS truck parked on Montague Street Monday afternoon across from the AT&T store was adorned with not one, not two, but three parking tickets, each strategically placed so as not to overlap. I’ve never known a UPS truck to dawdle for so long that it merits this kind of overkill. Really? […]

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Cranberry Curb Cut: Biggest Controversy at Plymouth Since Beecher Met Mrs. Tilton?

Over the last couple of weeks, many BHB commenters have mentioned the mysterious “pop-up” curb cut on Cranberry Street behind Plymouth Church. Sporting a freshly painted yellow curbline and signage warning that YOU WILL BE TOWED if you dare to park there, the “driveway” leads into the church’s playground area. A few, including your humble […]

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Friends With Kids on Henry Street

Perhaps this is the sequel to “Friends With Benefits?” (This struck me so funny earlier that I fell of the curb.) At any rate, Henry from Cranberry to Clark will be off limits on the 14th due to this 2012 laugh-fest starring Megan Fox and Jon Hamm.

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