The ‘Empire’ Strikes Back: Filming Takes Over Heights

As previously reported, filming for HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” is pervasive in Brooklyn Heights Wednesday, with shooting, catering, holding, cranes hoisting giant spotlights, cams and various other big mamma trucks, wiring & related accoutrements along: Cadman Plaza West, Montague, Court, Remsen, Monroe Place, Clinton, Pierrepont and Henry. In fact, it’s almost easier to omit those streets it’s not filming along…

This scene is reminiscent of last fall’s inundating shoot for “Delivery Man,” starring Vince Vaughn, which took over the majority of central and north Brooklyn Heights. (Photos: CT)

Impacted streets throughout Wednesday for “Boardwalk Empire” are as follows:
* East side of Clinton between Cadman Plaza West & Pierrepont
* East side of Clinton between Pierrepont & Montague
* West side of Court between Montague & Remsen
* West side of Cadman Plaza West between Pierrepont & Montague
* South side of Pierrepont between Clinton & Cadman Plaza West
* North & South sides of Pierrepont between Monroe Place & Clinton
* 1/4 block of Pierrepont between Henry & Monroe Place
* 1/4 block North & South side of Remsen between Henry & Clinton

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  • marshasrimler

    We know that this is a prime area for movie production adding to the municipal coffers… Where does this money go… How about to our library which the Brooklyn Public Library system has purposefully let fall in disrepair to they can give ..Give
    to a developer.

  • carlotta

    Ditto, Marsha.