Open Thread Wednesday, 4/10

So far this week, it feels like we actually imagine April… springtime in Brooklyn Heights. As one’s fancy turns to enjoying the outdoor neighborhood to its fullest, what is on your radar this Open Thread Wednesday for April 10, 2013? Comment away! (CT)

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  • north heights res

    Did we lose a dozen parking places on Clark St just west of Henry because that’s where a bike-sharing station is going to go?

  • lori

    I love that the sign posted above them says, “Please do not sit on stoop” “No Loitering”

  • Lori

    If so, bad news but not unexpected.

  • Heights

    What was burning last night at about 6:30? Burnt plastic smell.

  • petersteinberg

    I’m not sure how it could be a dozen spaces as that’s more than the total number of spaces on the entire block.

    As I recall, they can fit 11 bikes in 1 parking space so I suspect it will be 2 spaces converted in the end.

    Personally, I can’t think of a better location in all of Brooklyn Heights — right outside a subway station and the front door of a massive college dorm.

  • ab_bklyn

    We are expecting our first baby in September. Anyone have a pediatrician or family practice doctor in the Heights that they love?

  • Bloomy

    From the bikeshare website: “North side of Clark Street near Henry Street – This station will have 31 docks and is located in the parking lane of the street.”

    I haven’t been down that way lately, but perhaps more spots are blocked off than needed in order to allow for construction and setup of the racks.

  • Joe

    Street line-painting in the heights yesterday. You smelled the hot latex

  • north heights res

    There are way more than a dozen spots on the block. There are four between Henry and the subway station, and I’m estimating eight (though OK, maybe six?) between the subway station west towards Hicks.

    If it’s not for this, then I’m curious about why the parking was reduced.

  • north heights res

    Second question about the bike-share. What happens during street-cleaning days? Will bikes not be permitted to park there, or will the bikes prevent the streets from being cleaned? If they’re there, it will mean parking on both sides of the street all day Wednesday, which doesn’t seem like a great idea from a safety/congestion standpoint.

  • petersteinberg

    I stand corrected. I just looked on Google Maps Streetview and I was surprised that there were over 20 cars parked on that side if the street (though a few may have been standing at a hydrant).

  • petersteinberg

    So 31 bikes probably means the conversion of 3 parking spots. Possibly only 2 if they use part if the corner efficiently.

    Seems like a great trade to me.

  • Mike

    Does anyone know what’s going in at the old Diva Salon location (72 Henry)? It’s looking pretty nice today, like it could be little pub or something.

    Yes, I know it will probably be a nail salon. I LIKE deceiving myself. :)

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Parents — bring your kids!

  • HenryLoL

    They are making an Italian restaurant.

  • petersteinberg

    Heights Pediatrics on Monroe Street. They’ve taken great care of our 1 year old and when we asked around when we were expecting 6 of the 8 friends we asked used them.

  • ab_bklyn

    ANOTHER Italian place? Come on. We have Noodle Pudding, Bevacco, Caffe Buon Gusto in Bk Hts, and AlMar in DUMBO. Would it kill someone to open a decent Thai place or something more interesting than a red-sauce joint?

  • ab_bklyn


  • Bloomy

    The bikes are locked to racks that are permanently mounted to the street, so they will not be moving for street sweeping. See this link for photos of what a sidewalk docking station and a street one look like.

  • BrooklynBugle

    Italian restaurant, run by building’s landlord.. DEVELOPING

  • Lori

    Heights Pediatrics 15 Pierrepont Street between Willow and Columbia Hts. Excellent!

  • MonroeOrange

    Is this bike location on the corner or in the middle of the block, closer to the dorm?

  • MonroeOrange

    If its on the corner, this is an accident waiting to happen…i’ve seen multiple near misses with cars/trucks (mail, UPS), making that right turn.

  • Bob Sacamano

    It’s Spring time and the weather is getting warmer and people are going to start wearing sandals. I hope people can be objective enough about their feet to know whether they should be wearing sandals or not. During the Spring and Summer we are subjected to people wearing sandals and exposing everyone else to their nasty corn infested tortilla chip toe nail feet. Particularly when on the subway. People should have to get a permit before they are allowed to wear sandals. I don’t expose everybody else to my nasty feet so please don’t do it to me. If you are going to wear sandals during the warm weather please go get a full pedicure before you break them out and save us all from your nastiness. Thanks and enjoy the upcoming warm weather.

  • MonroeOrange

    that street has at least 20 cars…the only place you can’t park on that side, is right in front of train station…otherwise, there are no hydrants on that side of street.

  • David on Middagh

    Bob Sacamano gives new meaning to “foot patrol”.

  • Britzabroad

    Re Thai: What is wrong with Lantern on Montague? Granted it’s not totally authentic as it is Americanized for local taste buds but it is decent, good service etc. Short of heading up to one of the Hells Kitchen joints and making a point of asking for real Thai any recommends for the real thing locally?

    ps. High standards for authenticity as lived in Bangkok for a while…

  • Allie

    Can someone suggest a physical therapist in Brooklyn Heights? I have never needed one before and would appreciate some recommendations. Thanks!

  • Chuck Taylor

    bikeshare map is here:
    BHB will continue following the story as they reach the heights. cheers =ct=

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