Cranberry Curb Cut: Biggest Controversy at Plymouth Since Beecher Met Mrs. Tilton?

Over the last couple of weeks, many BHB commenters have mentioned the mysterious “pop-up” curb cut on Cranberry Street behind Plymouth Church. Sporting a freshly painted yellow curbline and signage warning that YOU WILL BE TOWED if you dare to park there, the “driveway” leads into the church’s playground area. A few, including your humble publisher, have noticed an SUV cooling its jets behind the fence.

But this all begs the question, is this a legal driveway?

A BHB source tells us that since Plymouth Church is on a corner lot (official address is 75 Hicks Street) they are technically entitled to a curb cut no more than 100 feet away from the corner. So, basically, this could be all kosher.

However, its sudden appearance on the street and the addition of the huge SUV in the playground has irked area residents.

Requests for comment from Community Board 2 and Plymouth Church from BHB have so far gone unanswered. [Update: Robert Perris, Chair of CB2, has now responded to the effect that the Board never received a request for comment. He also said, however, that he could find no filing with the Department of Buildings concerning the curb cut, and that such a filing is required. He is looking into this further. See comments below.] A public record search has yielded no additional information so far.

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  • anon

    Report to 311 online to report an illegal curb cut, and upload the photo, which will result in the inspection. Then get the CB to f/u on the 311 call, or just follow up yourself via 311. Much faster.

  • Robert Perris

    Community Board 2 has received no such request. The community board’s e-mail address is cb2k[at]

    Moving on, it is my understanding that creation of a curb cut, even if legally permissible, must be filed with the Department of Buildings (DOB). I see no such filing for 75 Hicks Street. However, I will contact DOB and report back.

    It is my job to respond to constituent complaints. I accept no responsibility for possible after-life repercussions to those who complained.

  • Knight

    Nice to know that our community board chairman has a sense of humor! Since no one is holding the parking space for God Himself, I think we’ll get a pass on this one.