Cars! Trucks! A Bike! Watch This Video Of Brooklyn Heights’ ‘Street Cleaning Madness’

YouTube user Adam Backstrom posted a video earlier this week of “street cleaning madness on Henry Street”. It’s worth watching whether you’re a driver, a biker, a pedestrian or a student of the human condition.

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  • Jorale-man

    A lot of indecision happening there it seems. Scenes like that remind me why I’m glad not to have a car in NYC.

  • deancollins

    at least they moved, a lot of the street cleaning drivers just don’t bother forcing the people sitting in their cars to move and goes around them. Basically they should make it illegal to stand there eg sitting in your car for 3+ hours is still cause for a fine this way it wont hold up the street cleaners and make sure a thorough job happens quickly.