Friends With Kids on Henry Street

Perhaps this is the sequel to “Friends With Benefits?” (This struck me so funny earlier that I fell of the curb.) At any rate, Henry from Cranberry to Clark will be off limits on the 14th due to this 2012 laugh-fest starring Megan Fox and Jon Hamm.

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  • George Earl

    I’m still hopin’ that they’ll want an ultra-handsome walk-on guy. Here I am!

  • Mickey

    That’s not good for the restaurants in those blocks (Great Wall, the Ale House, Fortune House) to be shut out on a Friday night … especially the bar. Will they be compensated?

  • Resident

    I don’t think “off-limits” means the entire few blocks will be shut down. Just parking.

  • BH

    Anyone seen anything yet? I just looked out there and didn’t really notice anything going on.

  • Heather Quinlan

    Didn’t look like much around 3:30, either.

  • Soulman

    They’re shooting on Columbia Heights right now

  • Homer Fink

    HQ is checking it out and Karl’s been freezing all day stalking. If you’ve got pics send ’em to us or post link here.