BHA on Tree Killin’ Waterfalls: Never Again!

Flickr photo by nikandsimon

Flickr photo by nikandsimon

Even though an arborist tells the Brooklyn Paper that the Brooklyn Heights trees assaulted by the salt water spray of Olafur Eliasson’s NYC Waterfalls will not be permanently damaged,  it’s enough for the BHA to shout “never again!”:

Brooklyn Paper: A Salt of the Earth: Soil near the Brooklyn Heights Promenade — which is further away from the artificial waterfall that Eliasson installed between Piers 4 and 5 — registered 1.69 mmho/cm.

“Those levels are amazingly high, and if that level of salt was in the soil for a long period of time, the plants wouldn’t survive,” Ameroso said, adding that he’s never seen numbers this high — except when novice gardeners drastically over-fertilize, but even then the readings only make it up to 2 mmho/cm.

The report, commissioned by the Brooklyn Heights Association, is the first hard data to confirm what residents have been complaining about for months: that Eliasson’s salt-spewing art project is a tree-destroying monster.

“We just hope that they never do another art project that does this kind of damage again,” said Association Executive Director Judy Stanton, referring to tree damage at the River Cafe and along the Promenade.

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  • anon

    It always strikes me as amazing that the BHA is more concerned about trees – which of course are important -than people. When people were evicted from the building that is now being marked as a condo at 20 henry st. they refered to it as a private matter. When people were evicted from the building on clark st. they commented on the state of the landmarks law..
    They do not relate to human matters only trees and landmarks. Shame on them.

  • Beavis


    Is anyone stopping you from forming your own neighborhood association?

  • AEB

    Attica! Attica! Attica!