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Tale of the Tree: Columbia Heights Stump Reveals Fascinating Timeline

Two BHB readers alerted us to a bit of dendrochronology happening on Columbia Heights. The stump of a tree cut down near 157 Columbia Heights has been annotated by someone to reveal its approximate origin date (1885) as well as these historical events:

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Tree Chopped Down on Pierrepont Street

We know these things happen in Brooklyn Heights all the time. A tree is deemed to be diseased by the city and the next thing you know it’s kaput. Who cares if it starred in a Hollywood movie like that one on Cranberry Street, eh? Today we received this dispatch from a BHB reader along […]

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Brooklyn Heights Loses a Weeping Willow

The Brooklyn Eagle’s Mary Frost reports that the weeping willow tree that’s called 75 Henry Street’s Whitman Close home for 47 years has fallen and died.

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War On Trees Spreads Further On Cranberry Street In Brooklyn Heights

This dispatch from a BHB reader tells that tale of another act of terror against the Brooklyn Heights tree population:

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NY Daily News On Cranberry Street Arborcide: RIP “Moonstruck” Tree

The New York Daily News reports on the Cranberry Street tree that was taken down last week by the city. While we cited its appearance in the 1970 film “The Landlord” the NYDN took a more populist route by calling it the “Moonstruck tree”. Sure… why not, right? After all it’s the crown jewel of […]

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Cranberry Street Arborcide May Have Been A Mercy Killing Says BHB Reader

A BHB reader sheds some light on why the city may have taken one of the trees at Cranberry Street and Columbia Heights down last week.

“Cedric” writes us that he called 311 about the tree:

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Tree Limb Down on Montague

Last night’s high winds sheared a limb off this tree in front of 57 Montague Street, causing damage to two parked cars. Building staff were busy with cleanup this morning.

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Tree Down On Columbia Heights

A BHB reader sends us these photos of a tree down near 155 Columbia Heights on Saturday (7/20) afternoon. FDNY is on the scene.

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Treefitti On Cranberry Street

Over the weekend, we spotted an interesting figure painted on a Cranberry Street tree. Mrs. Fink snapped this photo Monday night. So, what’s the deal? Brilliant art? Guerrilla marketing? Vandalism? Discuss.

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FDNY Removes Tree Branches At Henry Street and Hunts Lane

The FDNY removed some “precarious” tree branches from a tree at Henry Street and Hunts Lane Monday evening. BHB pal “Norman E-Mailer” sent along this photo to document the action.

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