War On Trees Spreads Further On Cranberry Street In Brooklyn Heights

After the mercy killing of the “Moonstruck” tree on Cranberry Street earlier this month, comes this dispatch from a BHB reader tells that tale of another act of terror against the Brooklyn Heights tree population:

Looks like the developer at 27 Cranberry cut down most of the tree in front of the site (actually not even on their property – the canopy was in front of the construction site but the trunk is actually on the neighbor’s side of the property line)…what a crime. They should be fined, or forced to plant a new tree.


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  • b

    if a tree is hang over your property is is within your rights to cut the overhanging portion

  • Brixtony

    It hang over the sidewalk and the trimming job is horrendous

  • Anon

    That tree belongs to the city, not the property owners. Someone who saw the party that cut it should report them to 311 and the Parks Department.

  • Klezmer O’Brien

    Trees are the property and responsibility of the city. As are sidewalks.

    If you call 311 they will take your report.

    And ignore it.

    Property owners are not allowed to mess with the trees in any way. They risk fines.