Open Thread Wednesday 10/8/08

Flickr photo by Frank Lynch

Flickr photo by Frank Lynch

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  • HDEB

    Props to Alan Fishman for turning down millions in severance pay for his three weeks at Washington Mutual.

  • BKBS

    So parking is suspended on a number of streets while our neighbors’ sleep is disturbed by necessary road work. OK.

    But in addition, a whole bunch of streets are cleared so that a TV show (movie?) can be shot? Are they kidding?

  • fishermb

    Is anyone else in the real estate market? I’m checking out 1-bedrooms in the Heights and turnout for open houses has seemed very poor. I think prices need to come down 25% before anyone (at least myself) makes a move in this market.

  • Nancy

    Sorry , no props from me. He sends out a letter two weeks prior to their collapse saying the bank is sound? Plus, he should give back that 7.9 million dollar signing bonus. Maybe he can get a job with AIG next; they can send him on a retreat.

  • Pete

    So why did they need tear up some of the streets a couple weeks back if they didn’t intend on repaving them right away? Any idea when this will happen?

  • brooklynite

    I have been woken up between 7:45 am and 8 am for the past 4 Saturdays due to the roadwork. Nothing like waking up to jackhammering. Soooo annoying!!!

  • AEB

    Something seems afoot in the old wine-bar space on Henry. The other day I saw a prosperous-looking couple with a third party–a broker?–inside at presumably at work, as there was much paper in front of all parties.

    And this just in (well, sort of): the facade of the echt-deco building in which the Blue Pig, etc., was housed was being cleaned yesterday via cascading water. Nice that the building is being given such an attentive re-do.

  • yo

    According to Brownstoner, we are getting 2 (or 3) new food and drink options in the hood.

    I walked by La Pizzeta on Atlantic the other day but haven’t checked it out. And now, a BBQ place is opening up as well. There is also some sort of bar / restaurant going up on Henry around the corner. Now if someone would just buy the magnetic field space and re-open a bar / music venue there we’d be all set….

  • Tom

    Hello, I’m new to the area and have been a frequent reader to this blog. Pretty cool stuff! I live on Atlantic/hick and just had a bit of fun with the festival on Sunday. But uh, just want to say hello! to the neighborhood.

    Oh also, I just bought myself a really nice camera and would love to contribute with some cool pics.

  • nabeguy

    AEB, is that what was going on at the Cranlyn? I thought Olafur Eliason simply decided on a new location. And I also saw the activity in the Wine Bar space….I presumed that the broker-type was Alan Young spinning his web, but may be wrong. When I asked the guy who’s been watching the places lately if something was moving in, the question was met with a blank stare.

  • AEB

    Nabe, can’t answer your question properly as I’m not sure what’s meant by “…I thought Olafur Eliason simply decided on a new location.”

    But yes, the building is getting a scrub.

  • Alex

    AEB, I think Nabe was referring to the fact the Olafur Eliason’s waterwalls are spraying water all around.

    I agree with Tom that this blog is a great resource for newcomers. I’ve been on Columbia Place for a month. Do any of you longtime residents have suggestions for us new residents about hidden Heights treasons? Things it might take us a while to stumble upon on our own?

  • Alex

    Oops! Treasons=treasures. Although treasons might be interesting too. =)

  • David on Middagh

    Alex: Have you tried the new Traitor Joe’s?

  • AEB

    Thanks, Alex, for the enlightenment.

    Of course!

    Is there no one so (culturally) blind as he (or she!) who will not remember the installation celeb du jour?

    (This is a rhetorical question.)

  • NoMoPMS

    Hi Alex, Welcome to the Nieghborhood!! I also moved here recently. The hair salon on Middagh Street is a hidden treasure you might not otherwise stumble across – – and if you already have a hair stylist, then it could also be a good treason as well — lol.

  • nabeguy

    Tom/Alex, a hearty welcome to both of you. I’m not sure what kind of hidden treasures/treasons you’re in the market for. In the treason department, there was the Russian spy Rudolph Abel who lived on Fulton Street, but he was caught back in the 50’s. As for the treasures, well, just look around you! The Heights proper isn’t that large an area, so there’s not too many places to hide. Rest assured, however that you’ll read about them here first.
    David, brilliant.

  • yo

    check out busy chef

  • Claude Scales

    Tom: We look forward to your photo submissions. Look on the right hand column of this blog for “BHB Photo Club” and join, if you haven’t already.

    Alex: I heartily second NMPMS’s recommendation of the hair salon on Middagh, which is called Van Sickel. I’ve been a loyal client of Jessica there (she also does my daughter’s hair) for some time. Not only is she very good, but her prices are surprisingly reasonable ($20 for me, including beard trim; $35 for my daughter’s haircut, as of the last time we were there).

    Van Sickel is a bit of a hike from Columbia Place, but worth it in my view. Closer to you are the Atlantic Chip Shop, on the north (Heights) side of Atlantic between Henry and Clinton (assuming you’re neither a vegan, paranoid about cholesterol, or averse to British rock music) and, next door to it, Heights Chateau, a first rate wine and spirits shop I wrote about here.

    Tom, Alex, NMPMS, welcome to the Heights.

  • p

    I just walked past Jason Schwartzman on Montague and DAMN is he cute

  • JT

    What happened to the fruit vendor on Clark St & Henry St? Is he gone for good? I know he was missing for a while, here on and off, but now I haven’t seen him in a long time.

  • JT

    Also, can we talk about the horrible stench in front of the parking garage on Montague between Court and Clinton? The smell rises up out of one of the grates in the sidewalk. My husband and I have both seen workers from Garden of Eden dumping some horrible grease water stuff in there, and now it just reeks all the time. I don’t know how the parking garage attendant can stand it. I have called 311, but to no avail. I believe this just started a few months ago.

  • EAC

    I just ate at La Pizzetta which opened this week on Atlantic between Henry and Clinton. Very good! Great setting. Had tricolore salad, margherita pizza and gelato. Delicious! Service was great.

  • joe

    -waterfalls cafe
    -fruit market on atlantic
    -farmer’s market
    -chicago hot dogs near fulton market
    -Brooklyn ice cream factory
    -teresa’s roasted chicken
    -trader joe’s (who knew organic milk can be so cheap!)
    -plymouth church
    -sunsets on the promenade
    -halloween on garden place (if you have kids and even if you don’t)
    -moxie spot (if you have kids)
    -Harry chapin playground (if you have small kids)
    -kustard king. or what I call crack ice cream. The owner is a great guy to boot.
    -Kim Paris sadly now gone (R.I.P.). It was really the only decent cheap eats around here.
    -oh yeah. This site.

    Speaking of local treasons, I got my credit card number stolen recently and because its fairly new card I know its related to a local business.

  • joe

    And how could I forget Sahadi’s from my list!

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone noticed the tasteful design inside Gristede’s transferring you back into the 70’s? I thought this was going to be an exciting new store. Wanna bet they just stored all the items from the fire and are now bringing them back?

    Also, they have a tiny sign in the window about 8ft in the air that they are hiring.

  • Street Cleaning Regs to Change


    You were scooped by the dumbo blog:

    Looks like CB2 voted for some sweeping changes in the street cleaning regs (pun intended).

  • Homer Fink

    Hardly scooped, more like “we have day jobs”. Want to be our CB2 correspondent?

  • Street Cleaning Regs to Change

    Thanks, but I’ll politely decline the invite. I also have several day jobs (but make the time to always visit BHB and dumbonyc each morning).

    I would like to apply for the BHB bad punster position, if it hasn’t already been filled.

  • Homer Fink

    Feel free to assume that position.