Fire on BQE

BHB Tipster “BP” sent in this photo of smoke coming from the BQE.  BHB Newshound Weegee reports: “It’s a tractor-trailer carrying construction material on the westbound side near Cadman Plaza. No hazardous materials aboard…FD had trouble getting to the scene because of the traffic. Both directions are shut down.”

YouTube video from “vmxeo” after the jump.

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  • Josh Derr

    Didn’t see the accident itself (definitely heard it) but saw the fireball roll over the bridge. My brother-in-law got video of both sides, which should finish uploading soon…

  • Matthew Parker

    Just came from the scene. What a mess.

    Alert to users of Hillside Dog Run: The fire department cut a hole in the chain link fence alongside the BQE to get at the fire.

    Do not allow your dogs into the big dog area until the situation is solved. Use the small dog area.

  • ABC

    it may not have been carrying hazardous material, but it smells super toxic.

  • Josh Derr
  • ABC

    amazing video… and scary. next time, run AWAY from the explosion!

  • Josh Derr

    FDNY says both people involved survived and are “very very lucky”


    In retrospect, yes.

  • weegee

    Good photographers don’t run away!

    Nice pics, gang…save one for me next time.


  • travy

    damn, if the wind had been blowing in off the water the waterfalls could’ve saved the day!

  • nabeguy

    This is the same overpass that a truck smashed into years ago and caused enough damage to necessitate the closing of the connection on Middagh Street between Willow and Columbia Heights. The solution of wrapping the BQE along the “coast” of the Heights may have preserved the real estate, but created a real traffic hazard with that sharp blind curve to the right, especially if there is a back-up of traffic in the right lane onto the Bridge.

  • Beavis

    Hillside Dog Park Update:

    Thanks to the rapid response from the Parks Department, the hold in the dog park fence cut by the Fire Department today to fight the truck fire on the BQE has been patched temporarily. It’s safe to let your dog off-leash in the park.

    The Parks Department plans to return tomorrow to make the fence repair permanent.

  • Salomon

    my dad saved the woman in the lexus, the car was on fire….