50 Henry Will Continue as Wine Bar from Owners of Henry’s End and Cranberry’s

Mark Lahm of Henrys End. Photo by gastrodamus via Flickr

Mark Lahm of Henry's End. Photo by gastrodamus via Flickr

BHB has confirmation that the space at 50 Henry Street will be a joint venture from the owners of Henry’s End (44 Henry Street) and Cranberry’s (48 Henry Street). The space will continue as a wine bar, and will also serve breakfast and lunch according to Mark Lahm at Henry’s End. The new place will be open for breakfast and lunch in late February 2009, but the wine bar won’t be open until the spring. Small plates (cheese, paté, creative salads) will be served at the wine bar for dinner. The overall idea of the new venture will be “casual, good food.”

Oh, and Alan Young, former owner of the “Busted Chef” businesses, will be totally uninvolved.

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  • DT

    Someone please pinch me, I must be dreaming reading this! Is it April 1st?

    I can’t imagine a better resolution to the 50 Henry St. nightmare.

  • cranberry resident

    I agree DT! Thank you Henry’s End and Cranberry’s.

  • AEB

    Well, I was rather hoping for something a little more serious in the victuals department–I don’t mean fancy, I mean foody.

  • jen

    yay! I am super excited. I’m hoping for good inexpensive basics, something sustainable for a couple of nights of dinner a week.

  • meow

    Great news!

  • AEB

    Uh, Jen:

    “…Small plates (cheese, paté, creative salads) will be served at the wine bar for dinner…”

    With all due respect, it sure don’t sound like dinner, at least of the appetite-satisfying kind (unless of course you order lots–but where will they fit on that wine bar?) to me.

    My point: though it’s infinitely better to have the planned enterprise than an animal boutique or Duane Reade, we’re still in the realm of a particular kind of BH deprivation.

  • Beavis

    Please don’t suck.

  • travy

    nice! very high hopes for this. but please do rip out all that cheesy wood paneling!

  • stan

    does he?

  • PJL

    good question–he probably defaulted….

  • Luke C

    Hooray! I always wanted Cranberrys to take over the space so we can enjoy their goods with a side of elbow room. And adding Henry’s Edn into the mix anchors the dinner hour which makes economic sense.

    I sure hope they got the lease away from the creeps who’ve had it.

    Now all we need is a Siggy’s/Tazzo reimagining of Busy Chef: to-go entrees with high-quality ingredients!

    And I’ll take Blue Pig just the way it was (as long as they bring back Cake ice cream).

  • my2cents

    great news!

  • nabeguy

    Wow how brilliant is this? Jim and Mark have to be two of the smartest foodies in Brooklyn. This is almost as good as the Obama/Biden ticket. One question however. Who picked the new color for the facade? And can anyone accurately describe it?

  • Andrew

    This is good news. Actually, great news!

  • Mikey

    Nabeguy wrote:
    >>”Who picked the new color for the facade? And can anyone accurately describe it?”

    According to Jim, the color is “cranberry” (!) and it was chosen by the Landmarks board.

    I, for one, can’t wait for them to open. I’m tired of the dark and depressing corner.

  • my2cents

    Ugh I KNEW the color was supposed to be Cranberry….
    That landmarks board should really go back to preventing wholesale destruction of neighborhoods and leave paint colors to taxpaying citizens with freedoms.

  • http://smell-o-vision.blogspot.com MyrtleWilloughby

    This news made my day! 209 really is the year of HOPE!

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Well, let’s see. 209 was the year that Emperor Septimus Severus bestowed the titles of Imperator and Augustus on his son Publius Septimus Geta. Perhaps a hopeful development–at least the son had a nicer sounding name.

    Source: Wikipedia. (Sorry, I know it was just a slip of the finger, but I couldn’t resist.)

  • Mike

    Property owners get to pick their own colors, Landmarks only approves/disapproves based on historical appropriateness. There’s a very wide variety of colors that would be acceptable so it’s a cop-out to say “landmarks made us do it.” Sorry to burst your libertarian bubble.

  • my2cents

    the notion of “historically appropriate” colors is an absurd notion, frankly, and I do believe in preservation. i also believe that paint colors don’t matter and that people should do what they want when it comes to something as reversible as paint.

  • heightsdiho

    Hoorah! Nice people take over! I am rooting for a great success for Jim and Mark’s joint venture. Also look forward to a pleasant new (and affordable, I hope) nabe hang-out.