Snacks and Paper Ballots at P.S. 8

At P.S. 8 this morning,  some voters were issued paper ballots while a voting machine serving the 123rd District was being repaired.

On the bright side, the wait was about 20 minutes (if you knew your district) and there were TASTY SNACKS!

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  • AEB

    I was one of the folks who, because of the broken machine, was given the option of using a paper ballot or an hand-hand “voting computer” (its name escapes me) to vote. After some consultation, I chose paper over electronics.

    Paper ballots are, I believe, counted by an optical scanner, and results “posted” on the evening of the election.

    If anyone else has contradictory info, I’d be happy to have it.

  • AEB

    …that’s “on-hand,” above.


  • momof2

    that is some bake sale!! way to go!!!!

  • my2cents

    Did anyone else find that ballot proposal completely baffling? Who writes these things??

  • Baffled

    Yes, very baffling. I hope I made the right choice!

  • AEB

    Yes–one kept waiting for the mising verb to appear. But the second sentence clarified….

  • Bee Heights

    Update: 3:30pm….no line at PS 8 to vote in District 120.

  • since47

    The proposal was so badly worded and I almost missed it, being tucked way down on the right as it was.

  • my2cents

    I think I actually voted wrong on it because i didn’t understand the question…

  • bornhere

    My hope on the ballot issue is that, if one votes yes, one is supporting the right of (certified) disabled vets, whether or not they are receiving disability payments, to receive a bit of an advantage on civil service exams. Sounds fine to me. Of course, I since I cannot parse Proust in French, I may have missed the point.

  • David on Middagh

    Bornhere, that was my interpretation, too. Thanks to the lady in line behind me who pointed out that there *was* a ballot proposal. I otherwise would have missed it.

  • peppermint

    darn it, i missed the proposal. Sorry Vets! My eye was on the prize all the way to the left of the ballot and I was rushing to vote as the line for 118 was at least an hour long wait!

  • my2cents

    I think I voted no, thinking I was helping the vets get their benefits. i thought the bill was limiting their access! D’oh (forehead slapping sound)

  • bornhere

    Hmm … It’s really interesting that (despite the random “I” in my original post) we are all probably reasonably intelligent, literate people, and we’re all wondering if our intentions were realized in our proposition vote. I’m not one for dumbing down anything, but maybe it’s really time for the word jockeys who craft these props and amendments to KISS, if only a little.
    And now, back to Matthews, Olbermann, and a touch of Marcel.

  • my2cents

    Born here, there is no doubt in my mind that the wording was deliberately misleading. Most people i asked at work left it blank.