Eagle Picks Odd Bird to Crow About Noise

Perhaps some of the folks at the Brooklyn Eagle are having one of those flashbacks we hear about so often from our grandparents – unless of course there really is a pigeon who looks like the love child of Eddie the Eagle and Professor Irwin Corey living amongst us who  has advanced language skills and a hatred of noise.

“Brownstone Pidge” is credited with a letter to the editor complaining about the noise generated by this weekend’s Diesel Rock n Roll Circus on Pier 3:

Brooklyn Eagle: Words from Brownstone Pidge: …Last Saturday night I couldn’t sleep because of that rock concert on the pier below the Promenade. I saw lights being turned on and off in bedroom windows in lots of buildings near the Promenade. I guess folks couldn’t believe the music was still blasting after 1 a.m., and they got up to call 911, or 311 or something then they’d go back to bed and try to live with it . Well, folks , this is just a preview of things to come if that park needs to raise money by having rock concerts. They’d better make a bandshell that faces out to Jersey, ‘cause the piers send the slightest little vibe right up here to the Heights. On quiet days you can hear a workman down there drop his hammer into the toolbox. I’m not a tax-payer, not even a good citizen. Just want it to be peaceful at night. Need a little help here, somebody toss me a bread-crumb, will ya?

Well that just gives us an excuse to show this clip (the sound is not great, but the performance was) of Franz Ferdinand and T.I. doing “Live Your Life”:

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