The Humble Heights Abode of Ex-WaMu Chief

Brooklyn Heights resident/ex-WaMu Chief Alan Fishman may be out of a gig that he held for a couple of weeks but he’s still walking away with his $7.5 million dollar signing bonus.  Reports say he’s declined any severance package. The Business Sheet took the time to check out Fishman’s townhouse on Willow Place and reports:

The Business Sheet: Alan Fishman’s…: As evidenced by his house (larger picture below), Alan Fishman had a pretty low-profile career until he replaced Killinger at the helm of WaMu on September 8. The Brooklyn native attended Brown University and then headed up a number of smaller banks like Sovereign Bancorp and Independence Community Bank Corp. Prior to becoming CEO of the troubled WaMu, Fishman’s biggest brushes with fame probably came through his philanthropic duties, including chairing the boards of the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Brooklyn Navy Yard, currently home to film and TVproduction facility Steiner Studios.

According to two signs, one inside the Fishmans’ front door (visible in the second photo below) and another attached to their front gate, the couple are strongly opposed to receiving junk mail or delivery menus. There’s a metaphor in here for the subprime collapse and Fishman’s role at WaMu, but we’re not quite sure what it is.

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  • nabeguy

    He might want to change that sign to say “except help-wanted ads”.

  • ABC

    yeah, bcs the guy really needs the money… not.

    good for him for declining the severance package. and I love willow place.

  • http://deleted buddy

    Greed is greed, and it ain’t good. This one is still a doosie. Fishman should refuse it all, signing bonus as well as severance. For shame. He was retired from a huge job with huge benefits. Now he is the poster child for Wall Street excess and greed. And on the high holy days, too. For shame, Alan, for shame.