SuperFriends: Diamondstone Backs Kid Squadron

Brooklyn Heights super-commenter/attorney TK Small and his assistant Leroy Martinez attended Ken Diamondstone’s press conference on Court Street and Atlantic Avenue this afternoon exclusively for BHB.  They snapped a photo and provided us with the official press release detailing Diamondstone’s backing of Daniel Squadron in the Democratic State Senate primary (aka The Bid for the Twenty Fifth) on September 9.  Two years ago, Diamondstone failed in his eerily similar attempt to unseat incumbent Sen. Martin Connor.

From Diamondstone’s official statement:

At the beginning of  this campaign, I sat down with Dan and posed him a tough challenge.  I told him that his determination to take on a lumbering dinosaur like Marty Connor wasn’t enough to win my endorsement.  I challenged him to prove the substance of his words taking up the mantle of the fight I began in 2006 against Connor and to demonstrate to the people of our district that he wouldn’t be yet another elected official who let us down.

Dan has risen to my challenge.  He has shown a gift for uniting diverse people and opinions and honing these invaluable perspectives into a single powerful voice . In this way he emulates a leader who has inspired me to continue my struggle to build a better society: Senator Barack Obama. [Diamondstone Press release PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)]

Connor picked up key endorsements today from Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, former City Councilman Ken Fisher and State Assemblyman Jim Brennan.

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  • nabeguy

    And this is a surprise?

  • anon

    Marty Markowitz the loud mouth sell out and Marty Connor the political hack-perfect together

  • Adam G

    I know it’s only a state senate race, but has anyone outside the campaigns actually polled it yet? We’re talking endorsements and speeches and speculations, but, uh, are there any hard numbers floating around?

  • Maude Lebowski

    Has Squadron ever disagreed with Chuck Schumer’s right-wing ass on anything? And how can Squadron emulate a Presidential candidate he didn’t dare endorse?

    Two unappealing democrats running for a safe democratic seat. Faaaantastic.

    Is anyone running against Nydia? She used to be great until she threatened to stir up trouble for Obama among Hispanic voters. I’d like to vote against her, if at all possible. Unity, shmunity.

  • elvisIII

    Who’s/Whose: I never really understood the difference.

    The whose above in blue is used correctly, right?
    The whose on the yellow BHB poll is not, right?

  • Homer Fink

    You are correct! Take home a box of steaks.