Pop Up Park Extended

The “Pop Up Park” at Pier 1 will stay open a little longer – through September 28 according to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy.   The small patch of park is meant to be a sneak peak (sans condos/luxury housing) of what life in the proposed Brooklyn Bridge Park will be like once its completed. And now a word from the press release:

“We’re thrilled by the success of Summer ’08 @ Pier 1.  We encourage all tourists and New Yorkers to come out to Pier 1 and discover what an amazing and unique destination Brooklyn Bridge Park will be,” said Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation President Regina Myer.  “We’ve reached major milestones this year that include the start of construction, and we anticipate opening the first parts of the park by 2009. BBPDC remains committed to revitalizing Brooklyn’s waterfront and giving its residents and visitors the park they deserve.”

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  • nabeguy

    As a north-ender, I’ve seen a huge up-tick in the number of people migrating towards this mini-version, which makes me a bit queasy about the full-scale park. Call it nimby-ism if you like, but I’m concerned that, like most things, the larger the volume of people, the greater the odds for the yahoo factor. After 52 years of relative peace, it’s going to take me some time to adjust. Although if I can get used to the PS 8 trailers, I suppose I can adapt to anything. Man, are those things barn-ugly! BTW, I happen to love the park and my proximity to it; I just wish it could stay that size.

  • HDEB

    It would be nice to allow some land in the city to revert back to a natural state. Unfortunately areas like that become magnets for drug use, alcoholics and homeless.
    Check out the small wooded area on Cadman Plaza west north of the park that is bordered by the off ramp.
    On one hand I feel bad for these people, on the other I don’t want them in my neighborhood.

  • anon

    Dear HDEB
    i think your comments are disgraceful. what about all of the alcoholics who are members of the casino ..is that alright? and why does the old HEIGHTS pRESS CONSIDER THEM COMMUNITY lEADERS?

  • HDEB


    I respect your right to be offended by my post. I know nothing about the casino or its members.
    Simply I was stating that wooded areas in the city tend to attract people who engage in behaviors they can not engage in while in clear view of the street.
    Why they are engaging in these behaviors or judging them is not my perogative. If it is disgraceful to be concerned about drug/alcohol use and homeless camps in public areas in my neighborhood then I am disgraceful.

  • Monty

    What’s up with that Hot Dog place in the parking lot at Everit St? I would love a great hot dog, but they have no prices posted and it looks like a tourist trap. Anyone tried it?

  • bad news

    revert to a natural state? Are you friggin’ nuts? This is NYC. Let any land “revert to a natural state” and you’ve got a g-damn swamp of filth — drugs, homeless, trash. you want unspoiled wilderness, look elsewhere. this park looks fantastic.

  • my2cents

    Monty, The Hot Dog place is a gem!! It is a tad expensive compared to “dirty water dogs” around town. But as a transplanted Chicagoan I can say to all of you on this blog that that stand is the ONLY place I have found in New York that has an authentic Chicago style hot dog (and I have searched, believe me!). He uses the right brand (Vienna Beef) and the right buns and toppings. It is even better than the Shake Shack’s laudable but ultimately unsatisfying attempt at authenticity. I hope he sticks around! To have that right on my doorstep is a true blessing.

  • David on Middagh St

    Ace: Hear, hear.

    My2cents: I will try the hotdogs, as I’ve never been to Chicago and feel I’ve missed out. Not too thrilled about the T-shirt vending, though. Tacky, tacky.

    The Pop-Up Park seems overrun with the same tourists that line up in busloads to monopolize the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. It’s the sort of phenomenon that makes me think, along with Pete, that I should be moving on.

  • Maude Lebowski

    What’s the objection to condos? Aesthetics? Hatin’ on the rich? If you can get the park without having to take funds out of general circulation, why the hell not?

    Marty’s a hack, but it’s a sorry state of affairs when a rich guy from Fieldston and Yale tries to play class warrior. (Also, the beard makes me wanna go Oedipus on my eyeballs.)

  • BklynLifer

    So, what does it say about Marty’s “commoner” roots when he sends his kids to private schools (except if they get into “elite” public schools like Stuyvesant) when there are a lot of really good public schools around? Marty not only likes to hang around with the hoi polloi, he takes money from them and then does their bidding — which is how the vision of a “world-class park” got morphed into a front lawn for his pals who live on the Heights.

  • anon

    At least Daniel won’t be taking $ 6000 a head from the Heights Old Crowd on columbia heights that wants a perfect condo maintained lawn to look at. These are the heights leaders who go to their summer homes but yet don’t want the rest of us to enjoy a real public park, Shame on them.

    Marty is their errand boy bought and paid for

  • nicky215

    Yes Marty is a commoner- very common