The Kid’s Team Strikes Back

The battle for the 25th District continues: State Senate candidate Daniel “The Kid” Squadron’s “Team Squadron” has fired off an email to supporters in reaction to what they describe as incumbent Martin “Marty” Connor’s “negative personal attacks.” The letter after the jump.

Dear Friends,

It’s been a great few weeks here at Team Squadron.  Our momentum is undeniable.

But it’s never easy to take on entrenched interests — and in the last week Martin Connor has proven why.  The Connor campaign has again and again launched negative personal attacks.  They’ve tried to dismiss our grassroots race, calling Daniel a “kid” and  “the guy who cleaned Michelangelo’s brushes” (whatever that means).

They’ve attacked Daniel by going after his family, going after our campaign’s legion of supporters, and even going after Daniel’s extra-curricular activities in college (directing a play)!  In fact, some of Connor’s wild accusations are so baseless that even the press is taking notice.

The sharply personal and negative campaign shows our opponent is worried about holding onto his job — and that he believes he should be entitled to it without any discussion of the issues.

Well, we know he’s wrong.

In the face of these attacks, we can’t be distracted from the issues that matter in our community: good schools, affordable housing, reforming Albany, and responsible development.

We know how mch you are doing, but please help us counter these baseless attacks by contributing $60 (the number of in-district contributors Marty has) or $249 (the number he says we have):
Also, please volunteer to help get our message out on the ground — by knocking on 60 doors, or making 249 phone calls:

Thank you so much for all of your support!Together, we really can change Albany and deliver results for our neighborhoods.
Team Squadron

As the September 9 primary draws closer, it seems that race between the newcomer Squadron and the three decade vet Connor is breaking down to a clash between the “youngs” and the “olds”.   Chalk one up for the “olds”: Dennis Holt’s op-ed piece in today’s Brooklyn Eagle.

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  • ABC


    What do people think about this LICH news? I know the writing has been on the wall and so many of the better OBs left in the last year, but still I think it’s sad. Terrible management over there.

  • jw

    Connor is a Goner come November!!!

  • nicky215

    For someone in office for 30 years Dennis Holts comments re Connor are really not a ringing endorsement. What else has Marty done in 30 years except use the park and the school board before that for patronage jobs. Isn’t it a little odd that now there is some park movment -as if this will save Connor.
    Brooklyn Heights can do better than a hack-