Yassky Wantsky Middle Schoolsky at P.S. 8 Annexsky

The Brooklyn Paper brings us this tidbit regarding City Councilman David Yassky’s idea to make the planned P.S. 8 annex a middle school too:

Brooklyn Paper: Heights Elementary…: Councilman David Yassky (D–Brooklyn Heights) even said this week that he’d change city law to circumvent the developer’s controversial 18-story residential tower — despite the 300-seat middle school that Walentas would include.

Yassky said the city’s goal should be to maximize the annex’s size to allow for a full-scale middle school on the PS 8 site.

“My goal will be to have it as large as possible,” Yassky said. “I’d be open to changing the zoning to allow more space if it would make PS 8 K-through-8.”

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  • nabeguy

    Even though I live right across the street from the school and do not relish the thought of it doubling its size, as well as the prospect of continous and lengthy construction, as the parent of a P.S. 8’er, I’ve got to give Yasskey the nod on his proposal. Boy, Two Trees must really have seared his hide at some point for him to be so pointedly opposed to the Dock St. proposal that even the DOE is leaning towards.

  • ABC

    I like the idea but that would mean adding 450 seats min. in annex instead of proposed 150. Does that seem possible? The city should never have sold off the old Police Bldg on Poplar.

    Yassky has a lot of angry condo owners who don’t like the dock st proposal and I think he hears it from them. Altho this bldg proposal was on the books long before 70 Wash, etc. They didn’t do their homework if it comes as a shock that their views are not forever like.

  • WU

    What is the Yassky hidden agenda here? Who is the attorney for the developer of the Dock Street site?
    While it makes sense to me that development of the PS8 site is the best use of tax payer resources, as opposed to the DOE getting involved with a private development like Dock Street, I am confused as to why Mr. Yassky thinks it is necessary to threaten to change current zoning on the PS8 site when current as-of-right zoning allows for more than an additional 50,000 sq. ft. of public school space on the site. More than enough for a K-8 facility.
    Anyone care to guess?

  • SW

    I’m not happy with the smaller play area for our kids. while education is important so is exercise. has anyone notice kids are getting heavier every year. ps 8 needs more space so I guess this is a good temp. solution.

  • Double Dutch

    To clarify: the trailers are temporary and will sit where the basketball courts are. To make up for that loss, the parking lot will be turned into a (smaller) play area. The annex is not temporary, it’s permanent. It will include dedicted gym space. It will sit where the parking lot is. When the annex is done, the trailers will be removed and the basketball court area will return to play area.