Curbed Reader: 20 Henry… Feh

A Brooklyn Heights tipster wrote to Curbed this week about the new development at 20 Henry.  The tipster is not impressed:

Curbed: A tipster has the scoopage on new Brooklyn Heights condo conversion 20 Henry (at 20 Henry Street, ‘natch), which was formally the Peaks Mason Mints building, constructed in 1929. The two-building setup has prices “slightly over $1,100/sqft,” we’re told, with common charges at about $1/sqft. Our tipster isn’t impressed, noting the absence of private outdoor space (except for penthouses), the elementary school across the way, the lack of a garage and “no views at most levels, unless you’re a gigantic off-ramp fan.” Which we are, thankyouverymuch. Here’s the website.

Update: DUMBONYC has floorplans of a few units at 20 Henry.

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  • heightster

    im getting out just in time

  • Andrew Porter

    The school is the other end of the block, the off-ramp is actually the Brooklyn Bridge, and the view westward is of the Heights and Manhattan. However, they don’t mention the fire station across Middagh Street from the place, with charming loud fire engines departing at odd hours.

  • AB

    ..but with picturesque fireman on hand the livelong day….

  • nabeguy

    The 205/118 company rocks. Great neighbors and not really that noisy…you get used to it.

  • David on Middagh


    …because you wouldn’t want to live like a renter ca. 2000?