Middle School Mania

The Brooklyn Eagle’s Mary Frost writes about parents freaking out about the lack of middle school space in our area and Brooklyn in general:

Brooklyn Eagle: Middle School Situation…: Brooklyn parents can feel a terrible sense of anxiety as the middle school years approach. Some even consider moving. The lure of a middle school is being dangled before the eyes of desperate District 13 parents by Two Trees Management, as it seeks to build a controversial 17-story apartment complex on DUMBO’s Dock Street.

“It’s very difficult for parents to deal with uncertainty,” Hemphill said. “Do whatever works for you: meditation, valium or a stiff shot of bourbon! But try not to let your child see your anxiety.”

She recommends that parents should “look at a school’s leadership and see if they can list their top priorities and articulate a vision for the future. A principal with a vision will attract strong teachers and involved parents. A principal with no vision will just maintain the status quo. For example, at the Urban Institute of Arts & Letters, the principal went to Saint Ann’s, and wants to create a Saint Ann’s for public school kids.”

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  • http://www.flashlightworthybooks.com/ Peter Steinberg

    I’ll never understand how that building on Poplar — the old police building, just across the street from P.S. 8, didn’t become a public school of some sort. What a crime (pun semi-intended.)

    (Tell me your favorite fiction set in Brooklyn!)