Kid Squadron Loves the Nightlife, Likes to Boogie (Responsibly)

Democratic and Working Families Party candidate for the State Senate representing the 25th District Daniel “the Kid” Squadron wants to give Community Boards a stronger voice in the granting of bar liquor licenses. In the Villager newspaper op-ed piece we also learn that Squadron once owned a bar that was ticketed for serving someone under 21. That said, “the Kid” tells us his operation had a great relationship with the community unlike the “problem spot across the street”. Sounds a lot like if Goofus and Gallant ran competing bars to us.

The Villager: Community Must Have a Stronger Voice…: Currently, liquor license applicants looking for a waiver to the 500-foot rule — a provision that limits the number of on-premises licenses allowed within a 500-foot radius of each other — go before the community board, which then makes a nonbinding recommendation to the State Liquor Authority.

I believe that it is time, for the first time, to create a role for community boards that goes beyond advisory. In residential communities with a high density of licenses, the S.L.A. should require affirmative approval from the community board to grant waivers to the 500-foot rule.

Squadron faces State Senator Martin “Marty” Connor in the Democratic primary in September.

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  • E.B. White

    A (silly, collectivist) solution in search of a problem?

    Where’d this guy learn to write? I mean, it’s bad enough his fliers have a horrid dangling participle — “Squadron lives in Carroll Gardens where he attends Brookyln Heights Synagogue” — and that he ghost-wrote Chuck Schumer’s embarassing book,* but Squadron’s Villager op-ed reads like a 10th grade civics essay, in style and substance.

    *embarassing to New York. Chuck Schumer is not, himself, capable of feeling embarassment.