Dime Savings Bank Coming To Montague

Responding to a desperate need in the neighborhood, Dime Savings Bank will be opening a branch at 188 Montague Street by the end of the year. The new branch was mentioned in the bank’s financial second quarter report:

In April 2008, Dime opened its 22nd branch in the Borough Park community of Brooklyn, New York, and anticipates opening its 23rd branch by the end of 2008, located on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights. At June 30, 2008, the Borough Park branch had $56.6 million of deposits at an average cost of 3.85%.

And according to the Dime Savings Bank website, the new branch will be located at 188 Montague Street.

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  • ratNYC

    Instead of having to go through the brain damage of deciding which pets store spend their money at, BH residents can now save by opening a savings account at the soon to be open Dime Savings Bank, Montague St branch (right next to Sleepy’s).

  • beth

    hahahahaha. Ha. hah. Ugh.

  • JGM

    I just heard that will be giving away free pet toys if you open a new account.

  • Chris

    You gotta be kidding me. I gotta get out of this neighborhood. There’s no hope.

  • No One Of Consequence

    I think I’d like to be the first to go on record as saying “Montague Street is Dead.”

    But as I do, isn’t the Bank of New York already at 188 Montague? So this is really just an even trade as far as bank/cell phone store/crappy restaurant ratios go.

    Ok, now, “Montague Street is Dead.”

  • Clarknt67

    I guess maybe it’s time to move my money out of my mattress. Finally! They’ll be a real bank in the hood!

  • Andrew

    There are enough mattress stores on Montague that I feel as confident putting my money in mattresses as in banks.

  • Hank75

    Darn!!!! I was hoping for another pet store or real estate office……

  • Monty

    This is just replacing another bank, right? That block btwn Clinton and Court is never going to get a jazz club, so please stop hoping. I don’t think Montague is dead by any stretch. You see how packed the outdoor seating is at Lantern, Heights Cafe and even Teresa’s on a nice day? Decent, low-key restaurants and nice, if unexciting, shops is just the character of this neighborhood. That’s the way I like it. If I wanted something more exciting I could move to the West Village.

  • Nouveau Brooklyn Heights

    Monty, speak for yourself old man. Something a little more exciting than a pet store or a bank or another lackluster restaurant is exactly what this neighborhood needs.

  • JGM

    How do mediocre restaurants and unexciting stores represent the desired character of the neighborhood? It may be an accurate current description, but I would think that most people are pretty fed up with the continued barrage of crappy chain stores, frozen pizza dough and pet supply stores.

  • yo

    would love to see a bar tabac type of french bistro come to montague….need a restaurant with a good bar…

  • hickster

    seriously, just embrace it. heights is not cool. you want cool -run from the heights to the hills – move to clinton hill/boerum hill/cobble hill.

  • Andrew Porter

    Hey, if you guys want cool, there’s a wine store/pizza place/ice cream store at Cranberry and Henry that need investors. Just contact “Dan” c/o Riker’s Island….

  • tania rodriguez

    I had an account with your bank in the 1950s. Could I find out if that account is still in existance. I don’t remember the account number, but my address at the time was 214 Carlton Ave. Brooklyn. Please advise thank you

  • Simon

    Tania please reduce your medication.