Hizzoner Backs Kid

Daniel “Kid” Squadron picked up an important endorsement today in his bid to unseat incumbent NYS Senator Martin Connor in the 25th District – Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Hizzoner is the third elected official to back Squadron, joining Sen. Chuck Schumer and Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh.  The NY Daily News suspects that Bloomberg’s endorsement of “Kid” is related to Connor’s not backing the Gansevoort legislation and his shifting support for congestion pricing.

And this Bloomie bonmot sure won’t make the Connor camp happy – “”Daniel Squadron’s record getting things done for New Yorkers is already more impressive than many lifelong legislators… Daniel Squadron is independent, hard-working, and smart — three things I always look for when I go into the voting booth.”

And what’s more — there’s a party at Tate’s house for Daniel!

Update: Connor campaign Political Director Mike Barfield has issued this statement in response to the endorsement:

Today Daniel Squadron shows that he stands with the Senate Republicans and their major financiers in their efforts to maintain the status quo in Albany. It is clear that he can’t be trusted to support the soon to be Senate Democratic Majority like the true progressive in the race, Senator Martin Connor, will. Democratic voters in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn should support Senator Connor in his efforts to bring reform to the legislative process as part of the emerging Democratic Majority in the New York State Senate.

Update 2: Squadron spokesman Josh Kriegman responds to Connor’s response:

“Unlike Martin Connor, who worked against Democrat Carl McCall in 2002 because the Independence Party paid him $350,000, and who was ousted from his Democratic leadership position because he ‘chose to sell his services to the highest bidder rather than work for the Democrats he was elected to lead’ (Daily News, 11/25/02), Daniel Squadron is committed to a Democratic majority in the State Senate that is both progressive and independent of the special interests.”

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