Tazza On Clark Opens TODAY

Tazza on Clark

Neighborhood favorite Tazza opens their second location at 72 Clark Street today, at 7am. Don’t know if there are any plans for sidewalk seating, but the inside looks nice. No word yet what will be their laptop/cell phone policy, but it is assumed it will be the same as their Henry Street location.

We here at Brooklyn Heights Blog wish them the best of luck! Stop on by, get your morning coffee, and give them some love.

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  • http://amysahba.blogspot.com/ amy

    oh I am thrilled about this!

  • lrb

    just stopped in for a coffee… looks beautiful inside and the staff could not have been more welcoming. Good luck to them!

  • Loving Brooklyn

    I just hope it doesn’t take too long to get a coffee in the morning. I usually grab coffee at Pret a Manger when I get to the city. I may change this habit if they can move as quickly as Pret does. Now that we have a closer Tazza, how about we start a campaign to have a Le Pain Quotidien? I looked on the website and it looks like all NYC LPQs are owned by one developer. I’m not sure if Starbucks is going to stay on Montague St since they are closing so many stores. Since high rent costs almost demand a chain store on Montague, why not support LPQ? Send a note to us@lepainquotidien.com and let them know of the opportunities in our neighborhood!

  • bhbabe

    2 words: potato bread!
    A bit slow, but worth every minute :)
    Welcome to “this” side of Montague Street!

  • kjw

    Fantastic to have Tazza down this way, went in for lunch and had one of their terrific sandwiches and took away scrumptious cupcakes for the holiday. Great to have a high quality bakery /eatery here…long awaited.

  • hoppy

    I noticed a disturbing absence of vino when I first peaked in. The nice girl behind the counter assured me that it will be coming soon, Thank God.

  • GHB

    Got my coffee there this morning. Real good! But why are they blocking half the window with that opaque film? I wanna be able to see in when I walk by (and see out when I’m inside)

  • portius

    So exciting… I felt at home right away and won’t stop going to the original, but it’s amazing how it feels the same. Did breakfast lunch and snack, will be back tomorrow. Thank you, god!

  • Mikey

    But WILL they throw my telecommuting ass out when I pull out my laptop? Does anyone know if the policy stands?

    [I’m out-of-state this week, not too lazy to just go ask.]


  • Curmudgeon


    I hope so.

  • AB

    Happy to see the new Tazza–but let’s not go overboard.

    Well planned, well executed sandwiches are A Good Thing, but what we STILL need is a centrally located place to go to for good, reasonably priced MEALS.

    Nothing fancy–even a spot with great burgers. But somewhere that reveals that the owner cares about and has thought-through the dishes he or she offers.

  • shrinking portions?!

    Just got me all-time favorite Tazza salad from Clark Street, and lemme tell you, it’s about 50% the size of the same salad from the other location! Maybe it’s because it was in a plastic to-go container instead of the aluminum ones used before, but damn – for the same price I feel like I got royally screwed on this one :(

  • LS

    Went there for a mid afternoon snack yesterday and they were so slow we almost walked out. The wait staff is very inexperienced at this location. They asked the table next to us if they wanted anything else when their table was cleared. They didn’t ask us. I would’ve liked a cupcake but they lost an opportunity there.

    I’ll give it another try but if service still sucks, it may be my last.

  • Loving Brooklyn

    I went for brunch on Saturday. Unfortunately, they didn’t have hazelnut syrup for my latte and forgot the tuna on my dad’s salad. There seem to be more pasty and bread options that the one near Atlantic. I also like how they displayed the baked goods. I think this place will only get better with time. Maybe they rushed to be open on the fourth of July weekend. I’ll give it another try next weekend.

  • Becky Gray

    I’ve been to Tazza a number of times since it’s opened and love it. It really is what the neighborhood needed (among other things). I loved the goat cheese salad (can’t speak to the comparable portions), the iced coffee, and the cookies. I hope they succeed!

  • Billy

    you gotta check out the hot barista with the mohawk! she, and she alone, is the reason I go to Tazza!

  • joe

    bought breads and cookies there the other day. Everything is great. Love the fact I no longer have to schelp to alomondine for great sandwiches and bread.