Yassky Bullishky on Parkingsky Permitskys

Our man in the City Council and candidate for NYC Comptroller David Yassky is coming out swinging for parking permits according to WCBS-TV.  In Marcia Kramer’s report a couple of Brooklyn Heights residents are featured – Ida Guterman and Nance Kass. [see video here]

WCBS-TV: “We’re never going to make it so there’s a space on the street for everybody who lives in New York City, but we can make it a little easier in some of the high density neighborhoods,” Yassky said.

Yassky’s plan would allow people to park on their neighborhood’s streets from, say, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. with a permit … for a fee, of course.

“It is impossible to find on-street parking,” Yassky said. “People circle for half an hour, 45 minutes looking for a space.”

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  • nancy

    I think it is a beautiful thing! They have had permits in Boston since the 80’s and the sky didn’t fall. I’ll be first in line, David Yassky.

  • ABC

    ditto! ditto!

  • Beavis

    Oy Gevalt! Enoughsky with the Yassky. It’s tired.

  • Homer Finksky

    It neversky getsky tiredsky, can’t waitsky untisky he’s mayorsky.

  • Beavis

    Homer: It’s called OCD.

  • nabeguy

    Homer, you’re just angling to get the key to the city, aren’t you?

  • Homer Fink

    Beavis : yes
    Nabe: Yesky

  • streber

    Neighborhood parking is the worst.

    Good luck bringing your car to any _other_ neighborhood.

    I lived in Boston, with a car. It was awful. I remember driving to other neighborhoods, circling there, and then giving up.

    If you have difficulty parking all the time, re-consider car ownership.

  • bdm

    Neighborhood parking is right for BH and long overdue. I do think it needs to be accompanied with a crackdown on parking abuse from the courthouse crowd. Streber, I am happy to pay for parking lots when I go to other neighborhoods, I dont think we should have to do that in our own ‘hoods.

  • T.K. Small

    Streber, I agree with you completely but you are not likely to change any opinions on the BHB. Most of the people here are adamantly behind the parking permit issue. I tried to argue along the lines that you presented I do not think I made anybody changed their minds.

    Good luck in keeping the streets available to everyone!

  • streber


    What makes you think that if you institute Neighborhood parking, that you’ll get a permit? You think there’s enough parking for every resident of BH to get a permit? No Way.

    Some people (VIPs) will magically get enough permits to even give away to their friends and family when they visit. While the rest of us will be paying for parking in our own hood.

    That’s how the world works.

    Will you be all for neighborhood parking when you discover that you can’t get a permit?

  • streber

    Two more scenarios I remember from Boston:

    – You drive to another neighborhood. All the lots are full (perhaps there’s a red sox game) and all the meters are full. There’s PLENTY of on street parking, but you aren’t allowed to park there.

    – Even though you have a permit, all the on-street parking is full. Now you can’t park in nearby cobble hill, or dumbo, because they have their own neighborhood permits.

    This simply does not work the way the promoters of it envision.