Young Bicyclist Struck on Livingston St.

Photo by M. Hermann/BHB

A youth on a bicycle was hit by a U.S. Postal Service truck at the intersection of Livingston St. & Boerum Pl. around 2:20 p.m.  Police and fire units initiated first aid until an ambulance arrived, which transported the child to Long Island College Hospital in critical condition.

UPDATE:  Police are confirming that the bicyclist, an 8-year-old resident of Cobble Hill, was pronounced dead at the hospital at 3:05 p.m.

The driver of the truck remained at the scene, and was visibly distraught.  Cops from the NYPD Highway Patrol’s Accident Investigation Squad are currently at the scene.

Photo by M. Hermann/BHB

Photo by M. Hermann/BHB

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  • E G

    Damn shame! I am a cyclist – it is the only way I get around. I can personally testify to the many hazards that exist. I have been hit multiple times and have witnessed some horrid accidents involving cyclists and motor vehicles. I am inclined(biased) against the drivers. In this case, I recognize that Postal worker. He is a good, kind, and conscientious man (a Gulf war vet, as well) In this case I am sure it was just a really unfortunate event rather than a case of gross negligence or poor judgment. Thing I realize acutely as a cyclist is that it only takes a millisecond lapse, either on the part of the rider or driver and one can be crushed like a bug. But this is not a bug, it is an eight year old child. My heart aches for the child, the parents- all who must endure this profound and tragic loss. I also feel for the driver who must deal with the guilt – that may never fully resolve.

  • skunky

    truly tragic – we saw the aftermath of the accident scene from our apartment across the street. It looked like the truck was taking a right onto Livingston and probably never saw the kid below his line of sight.

    I had just come back from a bike ride myself and between the blood on the street, the helmet on the ground, and the tiny little bike I’ve been sick all evening since I saw the blog and heard the poor kid died.

  • No One Of Consequence

    It’s a tough read, but here is the article on the NY Daily News site.

  • my2cents

    The kid was riding behind his father -he wasn’t alone on the street, and it appears he was in or near the bike lane too.

    Such a terrible terrible tragedy. My heart goes out to the family and to the driver too. Truly saddening.

  • sad news

    This is such a tragedy. My heart goes out to Alexander, his family and the postman.

    I was outside on Saturday afternoon around 2pm — even though it is not visible in the photos above, it was raining terribly hard at that time. I can’t help but think that the weather was a huge factor in this horrible accident.

    Alexander is in my prayers.