Fish ‘n’ Chip Paper 4/6/09

Yesterday’s news is tomorrow’s fish ‘n’ chip paper but here’s your chance to catch up on some of  last week’s stories:

Only on BHB

Chicks Street: Family raises chickens in the Heights

Chicks Street: the video

More Flights over the Heights?

Park Progress: Pier 1 (Fifth Report)

Artist Emily Krohn Brings Spring To Montague Street

Meat is Neat at Clark Street

Greenmarket Thursday

Hunt’s Lane Construction x 2

In other news:

Warning: Proposing to Your Beloved on the Brooklyn Bridge May be Hazardous

Update on Ivaylo Ivanov court case

Blogger Gets First Taste of Ignazio’s

Marty Connor Is Gunning for Bloomie

Bloomberg: Federal Stimulus $$ to Fund Bridge Renovation

New Heights preschool and Kindergarten

From CHB:

Patois crosses the bridge

Senator Squadron, Assembly Member Millman, honor Bob Guskind

Two Years Ago on BHB:

New Neighbor: Oven Opens May 5

Cigar Bar Sign… Bogus?

BHS Opens Landmark Exhibit

One Year Ago on BHB

Riverside Apts Makes Case with Pretty Website

Will Marty Bully Kid Off the Ballot?

Anna Montemarano, Cranberry’s “Mom”, Dies at 93

Brooklyn Heights Gristedes: The Day After

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