Blogger Gets First Taste of Ignazio’s

NuBloom photo

NuBloom photo

Steven at NuBloom has tasted Ignazio’s pizza pie and he likes it:

The pizza was absolutely awesome. Thicker crust than Grimaldi’s but just slightly, giving a great crunch that I look for in pizza. The slices are not sloppy or overly loaded with sauce or cheese. The staff looks like they are from a grateful dead concert, but it doesn’t matter because they are so friendly your put immediately at ease. Definitely stop by there and get a pie in the next month before the tourists take this place over!

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  • Publius

    I ate at Ignazio’s last night and would rate the pizza good, but not great. It’s more along the lines of Lucali’s than Grimaldi’s in terms of pizza style.

    Better dining environment than Grimaldi’s line/grumpy door guy/sardine table proximity scene.

  • mhon

    Is that a white pizza? Where’s the tomato sauce?

  • Jesse

    Personally, I thought it sucked, and not just because of first-night foibles. The many problems with this place run deep. Let the tourists have it. See my Yelp review:

  • endeavorm

    Have to agree with Jesse. Don’t waste your time or money. Just another tourist trap!

  • Local Guy

    Ate there last night. Nothing special and no where near value for money. Plenty of better options in the nabe to spend your money on. Also the place was deserted when we went there so there was little or no atmosphere. It all felt a bit “low-end suburban”.

  • joseuribe

    Just came back from dinner here. This place must be a money laundering scheme. Awful. Just awful.

  • add1

    Publius doesn’t know what he’s talking about! The only thing worse than the food at Ignazio’s is the environment. You will have a better dining experience at the Molly Pitcher rest stop off I-95.

  • Publius

    There’s no accounting for taste.

  • ak

    Ate there Friday night. The place is a great addition to the neighborhood. After sitting empty for (what felt like years) the pizza was good, fresh, and priced fair, especially the $2 addition for up to 3 toppings. It works. Also, they deserve credit for adding three brooklyn based beer taps, 1) Sixpoint (Redhook); 2) Kelso (Clinton Hill); and 3) Brooklyn (Williamsburg). Even if this place winds up serving 90% tourists, the tourists will at least go home having drank some of the borough’s best homemade goods.

  • heightsdiho

    Husband and I were there on Friday night and found it a mixed bag. 1st the positive: Pizza was really tasty, waitresses were pleasant, prices reasonable and the room is attractive (with a couple of logistical issues), live music is nice. The negative: Loooong wait for the food, the live music was decent, but over-amplified – the amp for the sitar was buzzing in husband’s ear and we asked to move tables for that reason + another issue. The jazz group that came after the Indian duo also was overly amplified, but at least the kilted manager realized it and asked them to turn down the volume – why not just have acoustic groups??? Another issue w/ the 1st table – my seat was so jammed next to the other tables that the busboys were tipping my chair forward to get by (and I was pulled in closely to the table.) We saw a nice table by the window open and asked to move there and the hostess told us that the manager (Kilty) said that customers weren’t allowed to move to another table!!!! We said that was weird and that we were pretty unhappy where we were, so she agreed to let us move, but I’ve never encountered that at a restaurant before. The new table was fine, but it was a long wait – for good pizza. French couple next to us waited even longer and weren’t happy about it. We commiserated…

  • Kashana Nicrae

    IMO it’s better than Grimaldi’s. The crust is thicker and crispier. We got fresh tomatoes and basil. It was pretty much as good as any pizza anywhere.

  • James MacDonald

    Magnus Opus. Best pizza ever!